Dialogue for Donny the Lad

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Standard Dialogue[edit | edit source]

  • Donny The Lad: Yo.
    • What's your story?
      • Donny The Lad: Not heard of me? Understandable.
        • Aren't you going to expand on that?
          • Donny The Lad: You're getting awfully nosy, matey. Watch your mouth.
          • Player: Sorry, I'm used to people always explaining everything in detail when I ask.
        • Never mind then.
    • Are you recruiting?
      • Donny The Lad: Mate, I don't think you're the right sort for us. If you're looking for company go join an adventuring clan.
      • Donny The Lad: Maybe you'll even find your own band of killers and thieves.
    • What are you all doing here?
      • Donny The Lad: Surviving, mate. We're wanted men. A lawless land like this suits us fine.
      • Donny The Lad: The men don't like that these other warband camps have been popping up recently, but the way I see it?
      • Donny The Lad: It's healthy competition. Besides, they're constantly raided. Goes to show that greed attracts unwanted attention, especially in a place like this.
    • Goodbye.