Transcript of Documentary Evidence

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This transcript involves dialogue with The Biologist and the player.

Before Voyage

  • Player: Ah, you're back.
  • The Biologist: With funding, empty notebooks and a photo booth imp! Let's go! Let's go!
  • Player: Are you sure you're ready?
  • The Biologist: Never been readier! I'm the Queen of Readiness. People pass me on the street and say, 'Gosh, isn't that young lady ready?'
  • Player: You should know that it's not safe in the Eastern Lands. There are sea monsters, pirates and sirens...
  • The Biologist: Yes, yes, but they're not scientifically significant. These sea fans...
  • Player: Sea orphans.
  • The Biologist: ...they'll make it all worthwhile. And if we have a few adventures, well, that's just jolly. Good Guthix, we need to get going before I pop with excitement!

After Voyage

  • Player: My captain tells me that you enjoyed your cruise.
  • The Biologist: Cruise? Fiddlesticks! This was raw, unbridled science! And it'll remain raw if I can't get closer to the subjects.
  • Player: The people.
  • The Biologist: I need to be in amongst them. Poking and prodding - metaphorically, of course. Plans need to be made. Oh, goodness me, I haven't been this excited since I contracted that rare strain of typhus!