Transcript of Do No Evil journal entry

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  • I've headed to mastaba, south of Uzer, where I spoke with Senilten, an anceint ruler of the desert. She told me tales of her youth, and shared her concerns for the desert. She asked me to help return the sacred monkeys to the desert. She asked me to help return the sacred monkeys to the desert: for what reason, I do not know.
  • The goddess Apmeken began life as a monkey, and hold the firmly in her heart, Senliten believes that their absence is causing Apmeken great offence. Reintroducing them to the desert is necessary to return harmony to these barren lands.
  • I travelled to Ape Atoll, where I spoke with Mizaru, Kikazaru and Iwazaru, the three wise monkeys. They were shocked when I mentioned the goddess's name, and instantly suspected me of being a human. Crumbs!
  • Admiting that I am a human seemed like the only way to gain their confidence. Words weren't enought, however, and the monkeys have demanded that i show my true self. I distracted a watching guard with a trail of bananas to gain some privacy.
  • I pocketetd my greegree an revealed my true form. To say the three wise monkeys were shocked would be something of an understatement.
  • Having turned back into a monkey, I approached the three wise monkeys who were whispering frantically about Apmeken.
  • Mizaru seemed to be testing me. He asked me about Apmeken's changing heads. I managed to pass his 'test'.
  • Mizaru the asked me to solve a ridiculos riddle about a monkey and a squirrel. I managed to solve it...I think.
  • After growing tired Mizaru's riddles and jokes, I threatened to leave. This seemed to stir the monkeys into action and, after a bit of bluster, they agreed to accompany me. Finally, a breakthrough! Kikazaru thinks we'll need more monkeys and has told me to petition the king Awowogei into building a colony in the desert.
  • I spoke with Awowogei, who seemed more hooked on the idea of building a colony in Karamja, He didn't believe that the desert offered anything of worth.
  • I suggested that the king might be interested in the choc ices from Nardah. To my surprise, the monkey king showed an interest.
  • Awowogei's interest grew as i described the tasty treat. He wants to try it, but only if it's in the shape of a monkey!
  • I headed to Nardah an spoke to Rokuh, the choc ice seller, about making the unusual choc ice. He has agreed to do so for 1,000 gold.
  • Rokuh made a chimp ice, but the unusual shape has caused a magical imbalance. Rokuh warned that it will melt.
  • Using ice magic, I managed to keep the chimp ice frozen and, after a cross country trek, brough it to the monkey king.
  • On the strength of the chimp ice, Awowogei agreed to the colony and gave me a barrel of monkeys to help populate it.
  • I collected the three wise monkeys on my way back to the desert. They told me that the colony should be set up between 'the mountain camel's humps': That's all i need: more monkeys riddles!