Transcript of Display case (number 4)

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5th Age - Year 8

The kingdom of Asgarnia grew rapidly. King Raddallin, who was one of the tribal leaders of the area, had united many of the smaller tribes and settlements. However, one group within his domain is known as the Kinshra, or Black Knights. They had originally proved cooperative in helping the expansion of the kingdom of Asgarnia, and as a result he'd supported them in building a great fortress on his border to the Wilderness in the north-east. Another group known as the White Knights had also proven to be particularly competent in battle and were now helping him by being the main military force defending his capital city of Falador. However, it turned out that the White Knights and Black Knights had always been bitter rivals. it has been a constant political battle ever since for the kings of Asgarnia to prevent their kingdoms sliding into an out-and-out, very bloody civil war.