Transcript of Display case (number 24)

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4th Age - yr 700-800

Arrav is probably the best known hero from the 4th Age. In his youth, he was found by a tribe that took him to be a good omen and set up a camp which they called Avarrocka. That camp, in later years, became known as our glorious city of Varrock. Many legends are told of Arrav's heroics later in his life.

Text added after completing the Shield of Arrav quest:
The shield you see here actually belonged to Arrav. For a time this priceless exhibit was lost to us, when a bunch of thieves called the Phoenix gang broke into the Varrock Museum and stole it. We thank the daring adventurer who recently returned the shield to us.

Text added before completing the Defender of Varrock quest:
The shield has been removed for security reasons. So, if you are a hopeful marauding zombie, the museum exit is on the ground floor.

Text added after completing the Defender of Varrock quest:
The shield has magical properties and was recently used to destroy a horde of zombies that invaded Varrock.