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5th Age - Years 42-62

The Fremennik Mountain Tribe has always been opposed to the manufacture of runes, as they feel this should be the world of the gods. A group of the more warmongering of the mountain tribe broke away, led by a warrior called Gunnar, and went on a rampage across northern Kandarin and Asgarnia to put a stop to this 'Runecrafting'.

A group of master smith dwarves, known as the Imcando, were some of the most unfortunate during this period. They had been given many fire and nature runes by the White Knights of Falador to help with their smithing by use of the Superheat Item spell. The invading Fremennik were not happy about all the spellcasting and launched many attacks, reducing the Imcando to a near extinction. The invading Fremennik met a fair amount of resistance and their numbers were reduced very significantly over the years.