Transcript of Display case (number 10)

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5th Age - yr 20

What little we know of gnomish history is mainly learned from the glider pilots scattered around RuneScape. They did mention that an old gnome engineer called Oaknock used to make model gliders for his children. Oaknock's son, Yewnock, ended up creating this method of transport with inspiration from his father's models. Captain Daerkin and Captain Ninto were said to be test pilots during the initial prototypes, though enquiries have proved them to be reticent to give much information. Previously, we thought that the strange, 'bird-like', wood and leather gliders that the gnomes find so useful would only support a single gnome in flight. however, due to a brave adventurer heroically aiding the gnomes to save their Grand Tree and earning their gratitude, we find that the gliders indeed transport at least one human and one gnome. The staff at the Museum have carefully constructed this replica model.