Transcript of Dishonour among Thieves journal entry

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Reason: different options about telling Sliske your plans, and staying neutral during Zamorak vs Sliske
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  • Having agreed to help Zamorak, I need to get more details from Moia, in the Empyrean Citadel.
  • I have collected a device from Moia that I need to speak to her about further.
  • I have been dragged to the Shadow Realm! Sliske has appeared and seems eager to talk to me.
  • If you chose not to tell Sliske your plans
    • After speaking to Sliske I have kept my options open and refused to tell him what I plan to do. I need to use Moia's communication device to travel to Zamorak's hideout.
  • I have travelled to Zamorak's hideout under Daemonheim. I should speak to Zamorak to find out what he is planning.
  • I have spoken to Zamorak in his hideout under Daemonheim. It seems he is planning to steal the Stone of Jas from Sliske. I will need to speak to him to give him my decision.
  • I have assembled a team of Zamorak's top agents.
  • I have assembled Zamorak's team of agents. I should return to his hideout under Daemonheim using Moia's communication device to get further instructions.
  • I have returned to Zamorak's hideout under Daemonheim. I should speak to Zamorak to find out what to do next.
  • Vigorra[sic] has appeared and told us where we can find the Stone of Jas. I should prepare myself for the heist and speak to any of my fellow agents for information before we begin.
  • The team has headed for Sliske's lair. The entrance to this is located in Morytania, just south of the Barrows. I have agreed to meet them there.
  • Having assembled at Sliske's lair south of the Barrows I now need to help Jerrod to sneak through a maze of enchanted masks and patrolling wights to get deeper into the vault.
  • Jerrod and I have defeated Sliske's wights and made our way to the outer vault.
  • It seems Sliske's vault is locked by a strange puzzle. I need to find a way to open it using the team of Zamorak's followers unique skills[sic].
  • By working as a team, we have broken the locks on Sliske's vault.
  • Sliske has unleashed duplicates of the team to destroy us! I have been sent to the Shadow Realm to defeat a powerful shadow of myself.
  • 'The plan seems to be working. Sliske has created some powerful shadow copies of us and unleashed his elite wights and the World Guardian has been sent to the Shadow Realm by Khazard for now. I should deal with the elite wights, which are proving a distraction for the others.'
  • - Nomad
  • I have beaten the Inner Demon and found the Stone of Jas. I should touch it to gain the power to bring it to the real world.
  • I have used up a lot of the power I gained from the stone[sic] destroying Sliske's apparitions. I should check with the others who are in Sliske's lair, south of the Barrows, to see how we are going to get the stone[sic] out of here.
  • Nomad is making a power play to steal the Stone of Jas from Sliske's lair, south of the Barrows! I need to do something!
  • Zamorak appeared in Sliske's lair, south of the Barrows, where he stopped Nomad's plan and forced him to flee. However, Sliske has frozen everyone but me and is squaring off with Zamorak. I need to decide who to support.
  • Zamorak appeared in Sliske's lair, south of the Barrows, where he was confronted by Sliske.
  • If you sided with Sliske
    • [missing words] the last of my power to stop Zamorak from attacking Sliske. Both I and the Stone of Jas have been taken away from retribution. I should speak to Sliske to see what he plans now.
    • I partially helped Zamorak to gain a small measure of energy from the Stone of Jas. However I chose to side with Sliske in the end, denying Zamorak his prize. He has taken some power and his followers will be united due to this partial success, but he was still denied in the end.
  • If you sided with Zamorak
    • I watched Zamorak blast Sliske with his newfound power. Sliske managed to escape with the Stone of Jas regardless, but Zamorak seems pleased. I should talk to him to find out what to do now.
    • I helped Zamorak emerge from this adventure empowered and with his followers united behind him. While he was still stopped from claiming the Stone of Jas he has taken some of its energy into himself and proven he is not defeated.