Transcript of Dishonour among Thieves

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Getting started[edit | edit source]

Talking to Moia[edit | edit source]

  • This quest involves characters that were explored in Ritual of the Mahjarrat, Nomad's Requiem and the Nadir saga. If you wish to learn more about these characters first, it is recommended that you play this content.
  • This content features atmospheric music and sound effects.
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  • Moia: So, our paths cross. As if by chance.
  • If you didn't partake in the Battle of Lumbridge
    • Player: Have we met?
    • Moia: You may not know my name but I know yours, player. I believe you are familiar with my master.
    • Player: Who might that be?
    • Moia: You really do not know? I expected more of you. I serve the rightful god of Gielinor ...Zamorak. As his most trusted general I led his forces at the battle of Lumbridge. The defeat has been difficult to swallow, for all of us. Zamorak has found your actions most intriguing. We have need of your... unique skills.
    • Player: Unique skills? What exactly are you asking of me?
      • (Continues below)
  • If you sided with Saradomin in the Battle of Lumbridge
    • Player: I know you, you lead Zamorak's forces against us at the Battle of Lumbridge.
    • Moia: Ah yes, you pledged your allegiance to the Saradominist pigs. A most unwise choice.
    • Player: You were crushed in open battle. How do the Zamorakians like the taste of defeat?
    • Moia: Indeed, those were dark days. Fortunately for you my lord is willing to overlook your misplaced loyalty, as we have need of your... unique skills.
    • Player: Unique skills? What exactly are you asking of me?
      • (Continues below)
  • If you sided with Zamorak in the Battle of Lumbridge
    • Player: Moia, it was an honour to fight alongside you at the Battle of Lumbridge.
    • Moia: Likewise. Those were dark days, Player. Zamorak suffered a severe blow upon that wretched battlefield.
    • Player: How are the Zamorakian forces coping with the defeat?
    • Moia: We have been biding our time, carefully planning our next move. Now the time has come my friend, and we need your help.
    • Player: What would you ask of me?
      • (Continues below)
  • Moia: Before we go further I need to know I can trust you. I need your word. Will you help Zamorak recover from this – his darkest hour?
    • Give her your word (truth).
      • (Quest noticeboard opens)
    • Give her your word (lie).
      • (Quest noticeboard opens)

Accepting the quest[edit | edit source]

  • Player: You have my word, Moia.
  • Moia: Zamorak believes you will be instrumental in the coming days. If he believes it, so do I.
    • Well, I am the World Guardian.
      • Moia: That is exactly why we need you, player. Somehow your fate is bound to the events that are unfolding.
        • (Continues below)
    • I live to serve Zamorak.
      • Moia: Your loyalty is reassuring, player. Somehow your fate is bound to the events that are unfolding.
        • (Continues below)
    • I'll do what I can to help.
      • Moia: Do not underestimate the value of your aid, Player. Somehow your fate is bound to the events that are unfolding.
        • (Continues below)
  • Player: So it would seem. What brought you here, anyway?
  • Moia: I came here on a reconnaissance mission in search of information - the last known whereabouts of that snake Sliske. As you might have guessed, we plan to obtain the Stone of Jas. But it is not my place to reveal the master's plans. I have something for you. A device.
  • Player: A device? What does it do?
  • Moia: It will allow you to contact me remotely and can also transport you to our headquarters deep beneath Daemonheim. Use it when you are ready to speak with Zamorak. I will take my leave.
  • Moia hands you a communication device.
Moia teleports away.

Into the Shadows[edit | edit source]

  • You feel a strange force pull you into the Shadow Realm.
  • Sliske: Ah, the 'World Guardian'. Fancy seeing you here!
    • If you are currently aligned with Sliske:
      • You bow
      • Player: My lord.
        • Sliske: My lord... I like it. Lord Sliske! There is no need to kneel, though. Relomia has kept me well apprised of your allegiance.
          • (Continues below)
    • If you are not currently aligned with Sliske:
      • Player: Sliske.
        • Sliske: You recognised me! Yes, I suppose we're quite familiar by now. You might even say we're friends.
          • (Continues below)
    • Player: Have you been here the whole time?
      • Sliske: Well, that would depend on what you mean by 'whole time'. Curious saying, wouldn't you agree?
      • Player: I mean did you hear my conversation with Moia?
      • Sliske: But of course! What a tantalising proposition. Such naivety to think she could come here unnoticed, though.
    • Player: How did you pull me into the Shadow Realm?
      • Sliske: Surely you are aware of my mastery of the Shadow Realm by now. Few know the mysteries of the shadows as well as I.
        • If you didn't learn that Sliske is not a god after Fate of the Gods:
          • Player: But you claim to be a god. I'm the World Guardian - your powers shouldn't have a direct effect on me.
          • Sliske: Oh, how peculiar...
      • [Unknown conditions]
        • Sliske: I do not always need your permission, you know. I think we are past such courtesies.
    • [Continue]
  • Sliske: So, the cards are on the table. I know of Zamorak's plan to steal the Stone of Jas, and you know I know.
  • Player: But they don't know where the Stone is. How will they find it?
  • Sliske: Oh, don't you worry. It won't be long before they know where I've hidden the Stone, and I'll know they know... and you'll know I know they know.
  • Player: Wait... What?
  • Sliske: Hah! Did I lose you? It's only a matter of time until one of Zamorak's agents finds the Stone. When they do, I'll be waiting.
  • Player: So you want them to find it?
  • Sliske: My contest has slowed somewhat since Bandos's death. Sometimes a Mahjarrat must provide his own entertainment - it is time to spice things up. That's where you come in. You're a catalyst for chaos. Particularly apt in this case, don't you think?
  • Player: I guess so. You want me to play along with your games, then?
  • Sliske: The way I see it, you have three choices... Option one: you infiltrate the group and sabotage their whole operation, lying in wait until the most deliciously dramatic moment to upstage Zamorak himself! Option two: you simply go along with the plan and see what happens. Your presence alone should have the desired effect. And then of course, there's option three. You could - I suppose - side with Zamorak, but who in their right mind would do such a thing? So what will you choose, 'World Guardian'?
    • Infiltrate and sabotage.
      • Player: I'm going to infiltrate the Zamorakians and sabotage their operation.
      • Sliske: Haha! Most excellent, Player. Bide your time and when an opportuninty arises when Zamorak is so close he can taste victory... Make it crumble to bitter betrayal in his mouth.
      • Player: He won't know what hit him.
      • Sliske: Marvellous. Now back to the light you go! I'll be watching. Waiting.
    • See what happens.
      • Player: I'm going to go along with things and see what happens.
      • Sliske: Hm, rather boring if you ask me. You know, Zammy really is a lot of fun to deceive. Oh, now I used to play with him all those years ago...
      • Player: All those years ago?
      • Sliske: He was once a Mahjarrat, rather like me. Many millennia ago - on our home planet Freneskae - we may have called ourselves brethren. But I digress. Scurry along now, will you? I'll be watching. Waiting.
    • Support Zamorak.
      • Player: I stand by the god of chaos.
      • Silske: Urgh. I really did have higher hopes of you. Such wasted potential.
      • Player: Zamorak is a real god, much more deserving of the Stone of Jas than a pretender like you.
      • Silske: He was once a Mahjarrat like me, you know. Many millenia ago - on our home planet Freneskae - we may have called ourselves brethren. But I digress. I am tired of your presence. Get out of my Shadow Realm.
    • Don't tell Sliske your plans.
      • Player: I'm certainly not telling you my plans!
      • Sliske: Urgh. I really did have higher hopes for you. Such wasted potential. I will just have to keep an especially close eye on you from hence forth. Now, I grow tired of your presence. Get out of my shadow realm.
Sliske motions and you return to the normal realm.

To Daemonheim[edit | edit source]

When activating the Communication device:

  • Contact Moia.
    • Moia: Player? I'm listening.
    • Player: What do I need to do?
    • Moia: Use the teleport function on the device to come[sic] Zamorak's headquarters.
  • Teleport to Zamorak's Hideout.
  • Zamorak: Welcome, Player.
    • Kneel.
      • Player: It is an honour, my lord.
      • Zamorak: You may rise. I have been waiting for you.
    • Stand.
      • (Continues below')
  • Player: Where are we?
  • Zamorak: The device you possess brought you deep below Daemonheim. Few in living memory have had the honour of walking on such hallowed ground. So remote and inaccessible is this place - beneath floor after impassable floor of horrors - that we are safe to recover from recent struggles lost. We have Bilrach here to thank for its sanctuary. He has earned his place as my right hand.
  • Bilrach: The certainty of your return fueled my digging for millenia[sic], my lord.
  • Zamorak: And I believe you have already made acquaintances with my left hand Moia. For quite some time now she has been reassembling my legions.
  • Moia: You gave me purpose. I will strike where you wish as if I were the hand of your own arm.
  • Zamorak: I trust you are aware of our pursuit, Player?
    • Yes, to steal the Stone of Jas.
      • Zamorak: You would do well to choose your words more carefully. The Stone was stolen from me, and I intend to reclaim it.
    • No, please remind me.
      • Zamorak: Very well. Many thousands of years ago the Stone of Jas belonged to me, but when Guthix banished the gods from Gielinor it was lost. As years became centuries the Stone exchanged hands many times. None were worthy of its power. It even crossed your path, when Lucien was eviscerated by the Dragonkin and you attempted to hide the Stone from all who would seek it. Despite your efforts possession of the Stone passed to another Mahjarrat. His name, as I'm sure you are aware, is Sliske. The Stone belongs to me, and I intend to reclaim it from him.
  • Player: How do you plan to find it?
  • Zamorak: Many who remain loyal to me are masters of subterfuge and deception. I have agents everywhere, even in the Shadow Realm. It will be found. That moment approaches, so we must ready ourselves. It is time we assemble the core of my legions.
  • Player: What would you have me do?
  • Zamorak: Your task will be to travel the breadth of Gielinor in search of my most powerful and cunning followers. A set of individuals with a devastating combination of skills... Four Mahjarrat - Zemouregal, Enakhra, Hazeel and Khazard - who have much to prove in their absence from the battle against Saradomin. Also Daquarius, who leads my Kinshra armies and upholds my true teachings of chaos. And Nomad, a powerful battlemage who has sought to overthrow traitors in my absence. They will all be tested, and some may have their loyalty called into question, but strength is found in the fires of adversity.
  • Player: That's me and six others. Zamorak's Seven?
  • Zamorak: Not quite. As my left hand, Moia will lead the party. That makes eight.
  • Player: Oh, okay.
  • Zamorak: So, will you accept this undertaking?
  • Assemble Zamorak's team?
    • Yes.
      • Zamorak: You have chosen wisely, World Guardian. Speak with Moia to find out where your journey must take you.
    • No.
      • Zamorak: Hm. Very well. Return when you have changed your mind.

Assembling the Team[edit | edit source]

Moia: Who do you want to know about?

  • Moia: Who do you want to know about?
    • Hazeel.
      • Player: Where can I find Hazeel?
      • Moia: I believe you are familiar with the Hazeel Cult. Hazeel himself resides at their headquarters in Ardougne sewers. You can access the correct conduit through the cave to the south-west of Ardougne Zoo.
    • Nomad.
      • Player: Where can I find Nomad?
      • Moia: I was conducting surveillance on Nomad very recently. He is something of an enigma. I tracked him to Misthalin, just north of Draynor Village, but there the trail went cold. My advice would be to search around the Draynor lodestone. I suspect we are not the only ones looking for him - he has unfinished business with Death...
    • General Khazard.
      • Player: Where can I find General Khazard?
      • Moia: Khazard has travelled to the Ruins of Uzer in the Kharidian Desert in search of information about his father. The ruins are the site of a historic battle that was fought in the Third Age. I am told some legendary Zamorakians were lost that day.
    • Lord Daquarius.
      • Player: Where can I find Lord Daquarius?
      • Moia: Lord Daquarius commands the Kinshra - or Black Knights, as they are known - from their base beneath Taverley. My scouts tell me there has been in-fighting among their forces. Your help may prove useful.
    • Zemouregal and Enakhra.
      • Player: Where can I find Zemouregal and Enakhra?
      • Moia: Mahjarrat have the power of racial awareness, which allows them to sense others of their kind. Bilrach is particularly adept at this. He informed me that Enakhra has travelled to Zemouregal's fortress in the north. A suspicious move.
      • Player: Don't you trust them?
      • Moia: Their loyalty to Zamorak has been wavering of late. Zemouregal arrogantly questions his power, but perhaps Enakhra will speak reason to him. Access to the fortress is limited; it is protected by Magical enchantments. I can, however, get you inside the basement beneath the fortress. Would you like me to teleport you?
        • Teleport me.
          • Moia: It is likely that Zemouregal's undead guards will be patrolling the area. Make sure you are prepared for combat.
            • Are you prepared to fight?
              • Yes.
                • Moia teleports you into Zemouregal's fortress.
              • No.
        • No thanks.
    • Goodbye.

If you speak to Bilrach:

Bilrach: What would you like to know?

  • Daemonheim.
    • Bilrach: Daemonheim? That is what they call this place is it not? The humans that harry me, yes. This place has been my work - and my home - for thousands of years now. Many believed it to be my tomb.
    • Player: Why did you create it?
    • Bilrach: I excavated these dungeons because I knew. I sensed it. That in these depths the boundary between realms is at its thinnest. I tunneled towards this rift in the hope that it would allow me to bring Zamorak back to this world. Digging, building, digging... Never-ending tunnels deeper and deeper, leaving all manner of beasts and contraptions to deter my pursuers. The rift would not provide the answers alone, though. Disappointing.
    • Player: What else is down here, through those doors?
    • Bilrach: Soon, perhaps, you will learn more of these depths. It is quite the saga.
  • His sanity.
    • Bilrach: Sanity is a fleeting concept in this underground world of stone and magic. Who is to say madness is not enlightenment? I must confess, the deeper I descended the more this place warped my mind. Rifts and portals and demons, all tearing at my thoughts.
      • You seem pretty sane to me.
        • Bilrach: Yes, my lucidity has returned to me of late. I have regained control of my senses and... the voices have subsided. I believe it is Zamorak's presence here. His aura pervades the depths, turning them into our sanctuary.
      • You seem absolutely bonkers.
        • Bilrach: 'Bonkers'? Hm, peculiar. My lucidity has actually returned to me of late. The voices have subsided... I believe it is Zamorak's presence here. His aura pervades the depths, turning them into our sanctuary.
  • The strange power.
    • Bilrach: Ah, so it was felt on the surface? Perhaps that is why my brethren believed I had perished. No, no. I was not here for some time, but I lived. Moia and I joined hands and walked into the rift, together. We were torn from each other as we tumbled through the dimensions. She would eventually find Zamorak, but to my knowledge she was gone. I, on the other hand, arrived at my home planet Freneskae. There are no longer any of my kind there, but other tribes once existed. The Chelon-Mah and Mahserrat, born from the same energy as we Mahjarrat. It was then that I had an epiphany. Hmm.
    • Player: And that was?
    • Bilrach: Ah, yes. The other tribes were also bound to rituals, needing the life force of those that perish to sustain themselves. The Mahserrat decided to forgo this process, resigning themselves to a fate without rejuvenation. But the Chelon-Mah... Hm. The Chelon-Mah did the opposite. They concluded that only the strongest should live, yes. One almighty being, commanding the power of the entire tribe. I remember it. The battle blazed across the horizon – a glorious sight to behold, indeed. For weeks they fought tirelessly, until only one remained with all their power. A brutal incarnation of the Chelon-Mah tribe; the physical embodiment of war. His might on the battlefield was unparalleled.
    • Player: What does this have to do with your epiphany?
    • Bilrach: Epiphany? Oh, yes. I knew that after thousands of years whilst the Mahjarrat have grown stronger, the Chelon-Mah would have diminished. With the Mahserrat all likely to have perished and no kin to sacrifice, he would never have been able to rejuvenate. I returned to Gielinor with the once-great Chelon-Mah captive. The strange power you speak of was triggered when I slew him upon my ritual stone.
    • Player: Why did you kill him?
    • Bilrach: On Freneskae we were at war with the Chelon-Mah; with no kin left to test his strength he turned to the Mahjarrat. He killed many of my brethren. Taking his life was a justice long overdue. As the only Mahjarrat at the ritual stone when I slew him I was able to absorb all his power, hmm. I intended to use it to bring back Zamorak. Alas, I still did not find the answers I sought. It would seem it is exceptionally difficult for anyone but a god to open a portal between worlds.
  • Zamorak.
    • Player: What is Zamorak like as a leader?
    • Bilrach: Zamorak is a revolutionary, yes. He proposed a radical way of thinking and was shunned for it. He has taught us that order leads to stagnation. Only through chaos can we change for the better. Those that seek to rule are averse to this concept. Saradomin, Zaros... Order is what allows them to dominate others. Zamorak believes in unity in the face of adversity. He is the god the people of Gielinor need - now more than ever.
  • Goodbye.

Gathering the Followers[edit | edit source]

Hazeel[edit | edit source]

If you opposed the Hazeel cult:

  • Hazeel: Human, do you come to swear fealty to me?
    • Don't you know who I am?
      • Hazeel: I have laid eyes upon thousands of years' worth of faces. Why should I recognize yours?
      • Player: Oh, erm... No reason. Thought we might have met before.
      • Hazeel: Meet a lot of Mahjarrat, do you? I have been absent from this world too long. Soon it will tremble at my name once more.
    • How were you revived?
      • Hazeel: Zamorak awoke me upon his return. It was, of course, his highest priority. I am like a brother to him. Unfortunately I missed the most recent ritual of rejuvenation. It will be some time before I regain my full power.
      • Player: That's why you still have your skeletal appearance?
      • Hazeel: It is. Although I must agree with Khazard, it has a certain... blood-curdling quality.
    • [Continue]
      • (Skips to "I've been sent by Zamorak.")

If you sided with the Hazeel cult:

  • Hazeel: Ah, my reviver honours us with a visit.
  • Player: I've been sent by Zamorak. He requests your presence at his Daemonheim headquarters.
  • Hazeel: So the wheels have begun turning. Does he know the location of the Stone of Jas yet?
  • Player: Oh, you know about the plan? He says he'll know soon enough.
  • Hazeel: Of course I know of his plan. I have always been his closest advisor, a few thousand years of absence would not change that. I have unfinished business before I leave for Daemonheim. You can prove highly useful.
  • Player: What do you need me to do?
  • Hazeel: My men inform me there is a werewolf held captive nearby. Formidable and ruthless creatures, werewolves. Fiercely loyal to Zamorak, too. From what I hear, this one is particularly prone to violence. Just what we need.
  • Player: So you want me to go and free this dangerous werewolf?
  • Hazeel: Precisely. Unfortunately I cannot risk being seen in Ardougne and compromising this hideout. The werewolf is being held captive by Lord Handelmort. A detestable individual. Sneak into the basement behind his large mansion north of Ardougne Zoo. Free the werewolf. Leave the revenge down to him.

Jerrod[edit | edit source]

If you search the butler in the south-west corner:

  • Looks like he's been dead mere minutes. Perhaps you should speak to the prisoner and find out what happened.

If you speak to Jerrod

  • The prisoner sniffs at you as you approach the cage.
  • Jerrod: Hm, fresh meat. Who are you?
    • Your saviour
      • Jerrod: I don't need saving.
    • A friend of Hazeel's
      • Jerrod: Hazeel? Never heard of him.
    • A messenger for Zamorak.
      • Jerrod: You're going to have to come up with a better lie than that.
  • Player: What's your name?
  • Jerrod: Jerrod. What's it to you?
  • Player: Hazeel sent me here. He's a powerful Zamorakian who has taken an interest in you.
  • Jerrod: What does he want from me?
  • Player: He believes you're a werewolf. Says you'll be useful on our mission for Zamorak.
  • Jerrod: A werewolf, huh? What gave it away?
    • The smell.
      • Jerrod: Have you seen my living quarters? Hygiene isn't a luxury I have.
    • The sniffing.
      • Jerrod: Smell is often a good indicator of taste.
    • The red eyes.
      • Jerrod: They can be a little hard to conceal.
  • Player: Did you kill Handelmort's butler?
  • Jerrod: A moment of bloodlust. I wanted the key but he fell too far. Clumsy of me, really.
  • Player: Why did they lock you up in here?
  • Jerrod: They seized me at Port Sarim some time ago. Apparently they thought I'd make them a tidy profit in the Fight Arena.
  • Player: And do you?
  • Jerrod: They take me down there in chains every week and get coin when I win. I don't lose. I could probably have escaped, but if I'm honest, I like the rush.
  • Player: You must want to leave if you killed the butler for the key. I could grab it for you if you agree to ally with Hazeel?
  • Jerrod: Hm, I an open to the concept of a new endeavour. Let's just say there aren't too many opponents left for me in the arena. You say this Hazeel is powerful? And we'd be working directly for Zamorak?
  • Player: Yes. All you'd need to do is go and meet him in Ardougne sewers, that's where his cult is stationed.
  • Jerrod: Huh, a cult. Sounds interesting. All right, let me out. Grab the key from the butler's corpse over there.

If you search the butler after speaking with Jerrod

  • You found the cell key!

If you search the butler again after obtaining the cell key

  • He made the mistake of getting on Jerrod's bad side.

If you attempt to speak with Jerrod after obtaining the cell key

  • That key you have will unlock the door.

If you unlock the cell door

  • You unlock the cell door. Jerrod sniffs you. Jerrod sniffs you some more.
  • Jerrod: You smell... delicious.
  • Player: Don't underestimate me.
  • Jerrod: Ha, don't worry. I make a point of not eating my associates.
  • Player: Well, that's good news.
  • Jerrod: If you'll excuse us, I have some unfinished business with the butler. I assume we'll meet again soon.
  • Jerrod and Hazeel joined the heist team!

If you exit and re-enter the basement, and examine the remains of the butler

  • Looks like Jerrod didn't leave much of the butler.

Nomad[edit | edit source]

  • As you arrive at Death's office you are greeted by an unusual sight...
  • Player: What's going on here?
  • Death: Leave us, adventurer. This is between me and the scourge of souls.
  • Nomad: Release me, reaper!
  • Player: What are you doing to him?
  • Death: I am relieving him of his soul, as recompense for the hundreds upon hundreds he stole from me.
  • Nomad: What's a few souls to you? A drop in the ocean when compared to how many you've taken from this world.
  • Death: Your arrogance sickens me. Those souls were bound for judgement in the Underworld, you have upset the balance between life and death!
  • Nomad: Foolish reaper. They served a higher purpose.
    • I thought you couldn't take souls of the living, Death?
      • Death: This rat is neither living nor dead. I do not know how, but he cheated on me. He is on borrowed time.
      • Nomad: Ha! You're just a glorified undertaker. You cannot begin to comprehend my powers.
    • [Continue]
  • Nomad: Give up this futile endeavour, bone construct!
  • Death: Leave this place, Player. This may take some time, he is proving... resistant.
  • Player: I saved you from Sliske's clutches, Death. I believe you owe me a favour.
  • Death: True, you and Icthlarin released me from my prison - for which I am grateful - but the favour can wait.
  • Player: Actually, I've come for Nomad.
  • Nomad: Haha! Oh, what a unlikely turn of events.
  • Death: What? You mean to interrupt me as I exact justice and restore balance to this world?
    • Yes, I do.
      • (Same as below)
    • You can exact justice when I'm done.
      • Death: What is so important that you would save this worthless mage from the fate he deserves?
      • Player: It's complicated, but it's part of a plan to take down Sliske.
      • Death: Hm... I shall afford you this one courtesy as I am in your debt...but I expect the soul eater returned.
      • Nomad: What makes you think I'll comply with either of you?
      • Player: I came on direct orders from Zamorak himself. He requests your presence at his Daemonheim headquarters.
      • Nomad: Well, why didn't you just say that? Finally he has recognised my deeds enough to summon me. Thanks for the hospitality, Death. It really has been a pleasure.
      • Death: Do not fool yourself that this is over. I hope you know what you're doing, Player.
      • Nomad joined the heist team!

If you speak to Death after Nomad leaves:

  • Death: Nomad's soul belongs in the Underworld. I trust you will bring him back.
    • I will.
      • Death: Good. Nomad is a slippery character, I do not wish to find him myself again.
    • I'm sorry for taking Nomad.
      • Player: I'm sorry for interrupting you. The plan to take down Sliske involves some shady characters, Nomad needs to be one of them.
      • Death: You do not need to explain yourself to me, world guardian[sic]. I trust your judgement, and I owe you my life.
      • Player: That's good to hear, I'll do my best to bring him back.
      • Death: Good. Nomad is a slippery character, I do not wish to find him myself again.

General Khazard[edit | edit source]

  • Khazard: What are you doing here?
  • Player: I came for you.
  • Khazard: You can't have found me by chance. Which means... Moia sent you?
  • Player: She told me you were searching for information about your father.
  • Khazard: That blasted half-breed! Can't a Mahjarrat do anything in privacy any more?
    • What brought you out all the way in the desert?
      • Khazard: You stand upon the site of a great battle that was fought in the Third Age, when our forces sieged the city of Uzer. One of Zamorak's most prominent generals - Thammaron - led the attack. He was gravely wounded and died just through the portal in these ruins. I believe my mother also fought here - she is the only Mahjarrat I am sure to have known my father. Her name was Palkeera.
        • (If you found Palkeera's memory during Mahjarrat Memories miniquest)
          • Player: I'm familiar with her. I read one of her memories.
        • (Otherwise)
          • Player: What leads you to believe that?
      • Khazard: The battle occurred not long after my birth and there was not much time until the next ritual of rejuvenation[sic]. She would have wanted to prove she was still a fearsome warrior before the weakest of the Mahjarrat was chosen.
    • How did Moia know what you're doing?
      • Khazard: Despite being vastly more powerful I have been ordered to report to Moia by Zamorak himself. I command a large garrison of Zamorakian forces. Moia requests constant updates, as we are such an indispensible asset.
      • Player: So she's keeping an eye on you?
      • Khazard: Hmph. That addled recluse Bilrach informed her of my movements, so I had to explain myself. Madness...
    • [Continue]
  • Player: Zamorak is requesting your presence at Daemonheim. Best not to keep him waiting.
  • Khazard: Very well, but before I can leave I need your help checking the Shadow Realm. I have reason to believe my mother could manipulate it too. If she fought here then perhaps my father did too. A tenuous link, but it is the only lead I have. There could be information in the Shadow Realm.
  • Player: Can't you check there yourself?
  • Khazard: Sliske's experiments have affected not only certain methods of seeing in, but also my ability to enter. Though it would seem I can still manipulate the shadows enough to send you in.
    • Go to the Shadow Realm?
      • Yes
      • No
        • Khazard: I will not leave until I am sure there is no information in the Shadow Realm.

If you chose not to go into the Shadow Realm and speak to Khazard

  • Khazard: Are you ready to search the Shadow Realm for me?
    • Yes.
    • No.

If you search Palkeera's body

  • You found a bloody journal.
  • Most of the journal is illegible as it has been soaked in blood. You can only read the last few pages...
  • (Palkeera's journal opens)
    • If you close the journal
      • You leave the Shadow Realm.

After obtaining the bloody journal

  • Player: You were right, Palkeera did fight here. She didn't survive.
  • Khazard: You mean- what did you find?
  • You show General Khazard the journal.
  • Khazard: Sh-she died protecting Thammaron. A worthy death, but... it was because of me. She was weak.
  • Player: The journal mentions your father.
  • Khazard: It couldn't mean... Him? Argh why does it finish there? I need more information!
  • Player: That was all I could find.
  • Khazard: Gah! Well, at least I know of my mother's fate. She died a warrior fighting for the glory of Zamorak. I will go to him now. He must be eager to see me.
  • General Khazard joined the heist team!

Lord Daquarius[edit | edit source]

  • Player: Hello.
  • "Dishonour Among Thieves."
  • Lord Daquarius: What want you, with the Lord of the Kinshra?
  • Player: I have been sent to summon you by Zamorak himself.
  • Lord Daquarius: Is that so? You'll have to earn my trust before I believe such a bold claim.
  • Player: I heard you may be having problems with some of your knights. Perhaps I could help?
  • Lord Daquarius: Hmm. Very well, do some of my dirty work and I'll hear you out.
Screen fades in and out.
  • Lord Daquarius: Since Zamorak's return and our setback at the Battle of Lumbridge, there has been unrest among the soldiers. Many of us are dedicated to the theory of strength through chaos, but among us are those who have been miseducated by the slanderous Saradominist propaganda.
  • Player: Why would they believe what Saradominists tell them?
  • Lord Daquarius: Their false teachings have been prevalent for thousands of years, percolating so far that the common folk accept them as fact. Many - including some of the Kinshra - believe chaos to be synonymous with evil, but it is not so. Zamorak was a revolutionary.
  • Player: Where do I come in to all of this?
  • Lord Daquarius: I need to regain control of my order. There is risk of an uprising from those that still fight for evil. It must be quelled. Mutiny is of highest priority. I have caught wind of a plot to assassinate me - 'to cut off the snake's head', so to speak. See if you can find evidence that will lead us to the culprit. While you're at it, put a stop to anyone preaching that Saradominist drivel.

If you speak to Daquarius again

  • Player: What do I need to do?
  • Lord Daquarius: You still need to: Find evidence of the assassination plot. Settle an argument about chaos vs. evil. Stop the Black Knight preaching about evil.

If you search the chest in the north-west sleeping quarters

  • You found some poison with the words 'Down with D.R.' on the label. You should take it to Lord Daquarius.

If you try and search the chest again

  • You should take the poison to Lord Daquarius.

If you speak to the Black Knights in the north-east dining quarters

  • Black Knight (1): The rest of the guys are all talkin' about it too. Maybe they're right, eh?
  • Black Knight (2): You've read the books - you know Lord Daquarius is right.
  • Player: What are you talking about?
  • Black Knight (1): What's it to you? Ge-
  • Black Knight (2): Wait, settle an argument for us, will you? These knuckleheads are thinking about joining the uprising.
  • Player: What makes you want to do that?
  • Black Knight (1): Well, us Black Knights are meant to be evil, right? I don't understand all this 'strength through chaos' rubbish.
    • Threaten him.
      • Player: I've stood before Zamorak, he values Lord Daquarius. He'll smite you all for this mutiny. None of you will be spared!
      • Black Knight (1): If you've met the god of chaos, then my name's Saradomin! That can't be true, can it?
      • Black Knight (2): Well... What if it is? Don't know about you, but I don't want Zamorak smitin' me!
      • Black Knight (1): I- He would do that? I'm not a part of any uprisin', I swear! I was only askin' questions!
    • Reason with him.
      • Player: I've stood before Zamorak, he values Lord Daquarius. Now is the time for the Black Knights to band together and rise again!
      • Black Knight (1): If you've met the god of chaos then my name's Saradomin! That can't be true, can it?
      • Black Knight (2): I don't know if it's true, but that's the most sense I've heard spoken 'round here for a long time.
      • Black Knight (1): Well if Zamorak does value Lord Daquarius like you say, maybe he is the leader we need. We should stand together.

If you speak to these Black Knights again, they'll say one of the following phrases:

  • Black Knight: Strength through chaos, adventurer.
  • Black Knight: Zamorak be praised.
  • Black Knight: Glory to the god of chaos!

If you speak to the Preaching Black Knight

  • How will you deal with the preacher?
    • Reason with him; firm but fair.
      • Player: I think you've misunderstood Zamorak's philosophy. It's not a justification to inflict pain on innocent people.
      • Preaching Black Knight: Who do you think you're talkin' to, usin' all those long words? This ain't a debate - we were meant for evil!
      • Player: The things you're saying are exactly what the Saradominists want people to think about the Kinshra.
      • Preaching Black Knight: What d'you mean it's what they want? It's filthy rumours - they're scared of us, that's what!
      • Player: You Black Knights need each other now more than ever. Use this struggle to become stronger - don't turn against one another!
      • Preaching Black Knight: I guess I ain't looked at it that way before. I'll give it a rest for now - need to do some thinkin'.
    • Roundhouse kick this trouble maker!
      • Player kicks down the preacher.
      • Player: POW!

Back to Daquarius

  • Lord Daquarius: Poison bearing my initials? I recognise the chicken-scratch handwriting on the bottle. I'll have the insolent coward dealt with.

After quelling the uprising:

  • Lord Daquarius: Not completely disappointing, looks like I might be able to trust you after all. I'll hear you out.
  • Player: I'm here on behalf of Zamorak. He's summoning you to his headquarters in Daemonheim.
  • Lord Daquarius: He has asked for me himself? I can scarcely believe you... I am honoured. Daemonheim is a long journey from here, I ought to leave soon if I am to be punctual. Leave me to my preparations.
  • Lord Daquarius joined the heist team!

Zemouregeal and Enakhra[edit | edit source]

  • Enakhra: What do we have here?
  • Zemouregal: Player. Tresspassing now, are you?
    • I've come to speak with you.
      • Zemouregal: Then speak your purpose before I lose my patience.
    • Your guards were no match for me.
      • Zemouregal: It is quite time I replace those brittle old creatures any way.
    • I'm...ahh...lost?
      • Zemouregal: A likely story. Speak your purpose before I lose my patience.
  • Player: I have been sent by Zamorak to summon you both to his Daemonheim headquarters.
  • Enakhra: Zamorak sent you himself?
  • Zemouregal: Unsurprising. Begging for help from anyone in his desperation.
  • Enakhra: Still your tongue, Zemouregal. It is not wise to speak ill of our master.
  • Zemouregal: You've changed your tune somewhat.
  • Enakhra: I felt betrayed at the Empyrean Citadel. My temper has since calmed.
    • Why did you feel betrayed, Enakhra?
      • Enakhra: Zamorak refused to let us accompany him to Sliske's event. Even when we arrived, he made no effort to communicate with us.
      • Zemouregal: It should have been us in there dealing with Sliske. Perhaps then he would not still draw breath.
      • Enakhra: I can see now that it was a time for diplomacy. We did not hold a position of power.
      • Zemouregal: He had threatened to denounce us! Your reaction at the time was more apt than this bootlicking.
      • Enakhra: Your skull is too thick for your own good, Zemouregal. Remember who the real enemies are here.
    • Are you still loyal to Zamorak, Zemouregal?
      • Zemouregal: Why? Did Zamorak send you to summon us or ask questions?
      • Player: I'm just curious.
      • Zemouregal: You over step your boundaries, Player. Do not call my loyalty into question.
      • Enakhra: Stop evading the question.
      • Zemourgal: You too now? Zamorak was crushed by Saradomin and now he wants us to prove ourselves? First he can prove himself.
    • [Continue]
  • Player: Zamorak intends to reclaim the Stone of Jas from Sliske. He wants you both to help.
  • Zemouregal: He intends to make an attempt on the Stone? Has he discovered its location?
  • Player: Not yet, but he seems to think he will soon.
  • Zemouregal: Finally he has made a wise choice and come to me. I need to be spear-heading this operation.
  • Enakhra: Now who's changed their tune?
  • Zemouregal: We need an all-powerful leader once more. The Stone of Jas could return us to our former glory.
  • Enakhra: And that leader would be Zamorak. Don't let greed get the better of you, Zemouregal.
  • Zemouregal: Whatever you are insinuating I suggest you reconsider your words, Enakhra.
  • Player: So you'll accept Zamorak's summons?
  • Enakhra: Of course. We will not keep him waiting.
  • Zemouregal and Enakhra joined the heist team!

To Daemonheim, redux[edit | edit source]

Before gathering all members:

  • Every time you return to the hideout, Zamorak says one of the following phrases:
    • Zamorak: Ah, our esteemed guest. Welcome back, Player.
    • Zamorak: Our messenger returns.
    • Zamorak: Player, what news do you bring?
  • If you speak to Hazeel before you recruit Khazard
    • Hazeel: Speak to me once you have found Khazard, he will likely have something to say.

After gathering all members:

  • Moia: Player, can you hear me?
  • Player: Moia? Yes, I can hear you.
    • If Lord Daquarius was the last member recruited:
      • Moia: You've accomplished your mission, almost everyone has made it to Daemonheim. Return when you are ready - Daquarius will follow.
    • If Lord Daquarius was not the last member recruited:
      • Moia: You've accomplished your mission, everyone has made it to Daemonheim. Return when you are ready.
  • Teleport to Zamorak's hideout?
    • Yes.
    • Not yet.

Preparation for the Heist[edit | edit source]

Are you ready to move on, or do you want to speak with everyone first?

  • Move on.
    • Zamorak: Good. Everyone is present. Welcome, my disciples of chaos. You have each been summoned to this conclave - and allowed within this place - because you possess skills we have need of. As I'm sure you are aware by now, you are going to reclaim the Stone of Jas for me. Each of you is being given an opportunity. A chance to prove you are worthy of a place by my side when we rebuild.
    • Moia: My lord, apologies for interrupting. Viggora has returned. I can sense him.
    • Zamorak: Perfect timing. Khazard, I need you to open a window to the Shadow Realm so Viggora can be seen by all.
    • General Khazard: As you command.
    • Viggora appears and kneels.
    • Viggora: General Zamorak.
    • Zemouregal: So it is true. Viggora, I had heard you lost your mind, doomed to wander the Shadow Realm for all eternity.
    • Viggora: Zamorak's return broke the curse that was laid upon me. I may be confined to this realm but my mind is my own, at last.
    • Zamorak: I am reminded of that hallowed night on which we marched upon Zaros. It was beyond living memory that this many of us stood together. Rise, Viggora. What information do you bring?
    • Viggora: My search took me deep into the swamps of Morytania, to the Barrows where Sliske's undead servants rest. There I discovered his lair, my lord. A stones throw to the south, through a cave system that plays tricks on the mind.
    • Zamorak: More. What more did you find?
    • Viggora: I passed deeper into the lair, past tricks and contraptions. It was at the heart that I found it.
    • Zamorak: The Stone is there?
    • Viggora: Yes, General Zamorak. In a cavernous vault behind a bolstered door. In the Shadow Realm he hides it.
    • Zamorak: You remain one of my most exalted followers, Viggora. If I could give you back your life, I would.
    • Viggora: It is my duty. I am forever in your service.
    • Player: What else can you tell us about the defences?
    • Viggora: On your way to the vault you will find several rooms, presumably trapped and guarded. The door preventing entry to the vault will be particularly problematic: an intricate system of rune locks and trickery. Inside, I could only see the Stone of Jas. That is all I know.
    • Zamorak: Thank you, Viggora. That will be all.
    • Viggora: Good luck to you all. Victory is in your hands.
    • Viggora disappears.
    • Zemouregal: Let us strike now. We have the Stone's location - we must storm Sliske's lair by force!
    • Bilrach: Predictable. No, we must plan. This opportunity cannot be squandered.
    • Zamorak: Bilrach is right. Sliske will be able to move the Stone through the Shadow Realm. He must not be alerted.
    • Lord Daquarius: If I may speak, it would seem our best option is stealthy approach.
    • Nomad: Leave it to me. The guards will pose no threat. I'll be back with the Stone before sundown.
    • Zemouregal: Hah! No one is more suitable to this quest than me. Zam-
    • Zamorak: SILENCE! You will do as I command.
    • Enakhra: Of course, my lord.
    • Hazeel: It would seem as though a combination of out talents will be needed, Zamorak.
    • Zamorak: You will all go. Bilrach will stay, he is more use to me here. Player, you are the most valuable member of this operation. Your resistance to divine energy is imperative.
      • If you sided with Zamorak at the Empyrean Citadel
        • Zamorak: You supported me at the Empyrean Citadel in the face of the other gods. Not only do you have my trust, but also my respect.
      • If you sided with other gods at the Empyrean Citadel
        • If you sided with Saradomin during the Battle of Lumbridge (this dialogue path may have the incorrect trigger listed)
          • Zamorak: You have a lot to make up for. You sided against me at the Empyrean Citadel and in the Battle of Lumbridge.
        • If you sided with Zamorak during the Battle of Lumbridge, or did not take part in the Battle of Lumbridge
          • Zamorak: I have not forgotten your misguided decision at the Empyrean Citadel though. You did not support me, and for that you must win back my trust.
    • Zamorak: Jerrod, you possess both cunning and agility. You and Player will infiltrate the outer chambers and dispatch the guards. Daquarius, your learning and intellect will be useful when deciphering the rune locks on the vault door. Enakhra and Nomad, your mastery of magic is going to be of utmost importance when evading and overcoming Sliske's deceptions. Hazeel and Khazard, only that devious Zarosian is a better manipulator of the Shadow Realm than you. Combine your talents and overcome him. And Zemouregal, you are a necromancer even more capable than Sliske. If the time comes, show his undead hordes no mercy.
    • Zemouregal: It would be my honour.
    • Bilrach: Do not underestimate Sliske. I have sensed his power growing rapidly for some time now. He seems to flit in and out of my reach. Curious, yes. The Shadow Realm, perhaps.
      • I'll deal with Sliske.
        • Player: I've dealt with Sliske before. I can deal with him again.
        • Zamorak: Yes, precisely why you were chosen. Though if everything goes to plan the filthy Zarosion[sic] will not have time to react.
      • Sliske is not to be taken lightly.
        • Player: I've dealt with Sliske before. Despite his demeanour, he is not to be taken lightly.
        • Zamorak: Wise words, Player. You would all do well to listen to them.
      • Sliske won't even know we were there.
        • Player: We'll be in and out without raising the alarm. He won't even know we were there.
        • Zamorak: As is the plan, but we must be prepared for every eventuality. We cannot fail.
    • General Khazard: What if the plan goes wrong?
    • Zamorak: Then it will be chaos, and you will be in your element. Embrace it and realise your true potential.
    • Moia: If it would please you, my lord, I believe we should move now. Time is of the essence.
    • Zamorak: Yes, the moment is here. My eye will be upon you as you embark on this quest. We have all strived for this. Do not fail me.
    • Moia: Everyone head to Morytania, into the cave barely south of the Barrows. We will reconvene at the entrance to Sliske's lair within. Player, use the device to contact me if you need more information.
  • Talk more.
    • Zamorak: Very well.
      • Moia
        • Moia: Player.
          • Zamorak.
            • Moia: Zamorak gave me purpose. He presented to me a way of thinking that my father failed to live by. His theories resonated with me in a way I cannot quite describe. They taught me that fortitude is built in the face of adversity. That even when you are confronted with struggles on all sides, you can rise from them yet stronger than before.
          • Her role.
            • Moia: I serve Zamorak as his left hand. The general of his armies. The master of his spies. I have been working diligently to reassemble the Zamorakian forces after my failure at the Battle of Lumbridge. We may have fallen upon hard times, but we will rise again and strike back at the Saradominist pigs.
          • Lucien.
            • Moia: Lucien... It pains me to hear the name. In life he made me believe I was a disappointment, but in death it is clear that the disappointment was him. He was so filled with hate. So fuelled by selfish desires. He was my father by blood alone. Zamorak is my mentor now. He has shown me the path I must walk.
          • Goodbye.
      • Zemouregal and Enakhra
        • Zemouregal: What is it?
          • Sliske.
            • Player: Do you think Sliske is still Zarosian?
            • Zemouregal: That serpent-tongued magician serves his own needs. I doubt he was ever truly loyal to Zaros.
            • Enakhra: I believe he was loyal to Zaros for a time. He did unspeakable things in his name. The rogue deserves a fate worse than death. Whether he still serves Zaros is irrelevant. The Stone of Jas belongs to Zamorak, and Sliske stands in our way.
            • Zemouregal: Hah! He hides and presents us with obstacles. I would crush him if he stood before me.
          • Enakhra and Zamorak.
            • Player: Enakhra, are you in love with Zamorak?
            • Zemouregal: Hahaha! Yes Enakhra, do tell us!
            • Enakhra: What? Because I am the only remaining female Mahjarrat I must be in love with whom I revere? Your incessant questions are becoming quite childish.
            • Zemouregal: You must admit, your behaviour has made you seem a little...smitten.
            • Enakhra: I have witnessed Zamorak defy the gods, ascending to become one himself. Yes, I am in awe of him. But in love? No.
          • The Battle of Lumbridge.
            • Player: Why weren't the Mahjarrat present at the Battle of Lumbridge?
            • Zemouregal: Hmph. This again?
            • Enakhra: We have explained ourselves enough. We were searching for elder artefacts to turn the tide of the battle.
            • Zemouregal: Zamorak is aware of this. We are here now, that is all that needs to be said.
          • Goodbye.
      • Lord Daquarius
        • Lord Daquarius: Do you want something?
          • The Kinshra.
            • Player: How are the Kinshra doing now?
            • Lord Daquarius: There are still murmurs from those who cannot see the difference between chaos and evil. It is a problem that runs deep in the Black Knights. We have much work to do before the problem is solved, but we will emerge from this much stronger than before. From the chaos a new Kinshra will be born, more unified than the last. Just as Zamorak has taught us.
          • Jerrod.
            • Player: Do you know Jerrod?
            • Lord Daquarius: Of course I know that cur! The filthy animal prevented the execution of Sulla, my predecessor. He even killed some of my men!
            • Player: Why did he do that?
            • Lord Daquarius: He allied with Sulla. Claims an emissary of Zamorak wanted them to work together. If the circumstances were any different I would drive a sword through his chest.
          • Zamorak.
            • Player: How does it feel to finally meet Zamorak?
            • Lord Daquarius: I stand unworthy of his awesome might. The god of chaos... If I did not see with my own eyes I would not believe. We must do whatever he requests of us, Player. Our lives are forfeit in servitude of a higher purpose.
          • Goodbye.
      • Nomad
        • Nomad: What do you want?
          • Nomad's Requiem.
            • Player: You don't seem particularly angry after I defeated you.
            • Nomad: Hm, yes, I can see why you might think I would be angry. In truth, you did me a favour. You showed me my weakness. The fragility of the power I clung to, derived from the soul obelisk. We will face each other again some day, I am sure. You will not be the so lucky next time.
            • Player: Who was your master - the one you were gathering all those souls to defeat?
            • Nomad: I have had many masters, most of whom I have overthrown for their...ahh...disloyalty to Zamorak. The one you speak of had been fraternising with the White Knights. I paid him a visit once I'd regained my strength from our battle. He won't be fraternising with anyone any more.
          • Soul power.
            • Player: Do you still have the power from all the souls you siphoned?
            • Nomad: Regrettably, the power I gained from the soul obelisk was finite. The more it grew, the more I needed. I became attached to the obelisk, addicted you might say. Every time I felt my power shrinking I clung to the obelisk for more souls.
            • Player: Does that mean you've lost all your power now?
            • Nomad: Some of the soul power still lingers, but I have found new ways to maintain it. Safer ways. The return of the gods has proved highly useful to me. Divination is a marvellous source of energy.
          • Death.
            • Player: What was going on between you and Death?
            • Nomad: He was attempting to extract my soul. The fool knows full well he cannot take the souls of the living!
            • Player: He said you were neither living nor dead. What did he mean?
            • Nomad: Apparently I 'cheated death' when I survived your final blow. The reaper falsely believes my soul belongs to him. I would sooner burn in Infernus than go to the Underworld. If Death continues his pursuit, I may have to deal with him myself.
          • Goodbye.
      • Jerrod
        • Jerrod: You want something?
          • Lycanthropy.
            • Player: What can you tell me about lycanthropy?
            • Jerrod: Lycanthropy, huh? You and your long words. I don't know what you've read, but we can transform at will. Hard to control sometimes, though. Some of us believe it's a gift. Others believe we've been cursed. I see it as a tool. I can inflict pain whenever I deem necessary, and to whom. Handelmort will learn that lesson soon.
          • The Stone of Jas.
            • Player: Do you know what the Stone of Jas is?
            • Jerrod: I've been listening - my ears are sharp. Far as I can tell, it's some kind of weapon people are willing to kill for. That's all the information I need.
          • Morytania
            • Player: Are you from Morytania like the other werewolves?
            • Jerrod: Mm, Canifis is my home. I know the swamps like the back of my own paw. Not many of my kind know how to cross the holy barrier at the River Salve, I'm an exception.
            • Player: Why did you leave Morytania?
            • Jerrod: Orders. My insolent nephew fled using the paths I taught him. I raised that mongrel, so I was sent to get him back. It's been quite a journey. Lot of blood on my hands.
            • Player: You don't show much remorse.
            • Jerrod: Why would I? I live for violence.
          • Zamorak
            • Player: Why do you support Zamorak?
            • Jerrod: Us werewolves are blooded when we come of age. That means we drink the blood of an innocent. It's a rite of passage. Doing so means we swear fealty to Zamorak. It binds us to him. Our duty is to serve. I've done so without question or hesitation. Chaos? That's a concept I can get behind.
          • Goodbye.
      • Hazeel and General Khazard
        • Hazeel: You have questions, Player?
          • The Carnilleans.
            • Player: How did the Carnilleans defeat you Hazeel?
            • Hazeel: Cowardice. They ambushed me while I slept, taking the lives of many innocent people to get to me.
            • Khazard: If I had been there history would have been written differently, Hazeel.
            • Hazeel: But you were not. The Carnillean cowards entered my home in the dead of night. They slew my guards, my followers...even my servants. Some of those servants were Saradominists I had taken as prisoners. The attackers did not discriminate. When I awoke from my slumber they knew they could not defeat me. Instead they put my mind into a state of torpor, using a foul magic I was not familiar with. I rested for an age before my awakening.
          • Ardougne.
            • Player: Do you intend to retake Ardougne?
            • Hazeel: Of course. I will reclaim that which was taken from me, just as Zamorak intends to reclaim the Stone of Jas.
            • Khazard: There was a time when between us we controlled all of southern Kandarin. Our reign was glorious.
            • Player: Will you take it by force?
            • Hazeel: I expect that will be necessary. The humans will not relinquish it easily. I shall need to rebuild my armies first.
            • Khazard: With the combined might of our forces we will crush them like ants under foot.
            • Hazeel: It has been too long Khazard.
            • Khazard: You taught me how to conquer. Now it is my turn to help you.
          • The Shadow Realm
            • Player: What's happened to your powers over the Shadow Realm?
            • Khazard: Sliske has been experimenting, creating abominations for his army. He started by twisting the Barrows brothers, increasing their power...
            • Hazeel: Now he has created something else. I can sense it. His most vile manipulation of the Shadow Realm yet.
            • Khazard: He has devised a way to prevent us entering the shadows. Warped the boundary in somehow. I do not know what but there is something that allows you to enter. Perhaps Sliske wills it. Regardless, you must be our shadow agent for now.
          • Goodbye.
      • Bilrach
        • (Same as 'If you talk to Bilrach' above.)
      • Zamorak
        • (Same as 'Are you ready...' above.)

After the meeting[edit | edit source]

If you speak to Bilrach

  • Bilrach: You should go to Morytania, I can sense the other Mahjarrat closing in on Sliske's lair.
  • Player: What about Sliske. Can you sense him?
  • Bilrach: He leaps in and out of focus, in and out all the time. He knows I can sense him. Be careful. Last I could tell, he was also in Morytania.

If you speak to Zamorak

  • Zamorak: Do not linger here, Player. The others have already begun the journey towards Morytania.

If you activate the communication device and contact Moia

  • Moia: Player? I'm listening.
  • Player: What do I need to do?
  • Moia: Head to the Barrows in eastern Morytania. There is a cave barely south of them, nestled into the cliff face just before the fence line. Once inside, Viggora described a cave system that plays tricks on the mind. Navigate it to the entrance to Sliske's lair where we will meet.

The Great Stone Robbery[edit | edit source]

The Maze[edit | edit source]

If you read the glowing signpost

  • A Poem for the Lost
  • Think no more of the bright, blue skies above.
  • You can barely see five fingers raised in the dark.
  • The green grasses you ran through as a child are gone.
  • No longer surrounded on three sides by earth, wind and sea.
  • Does your red blood even flow or heart beat any more?
  • North, east, south and west are all the same.
  • Only light and dark combined can guide you now.

If you choose the wrong cave opening

  • You have become so lost you return to the start of the tunnels to try again.

If you traverse the maze successfully

  • You wait in the darkness of the caves for the rest of the heist team to arrive.
  • (Screen fades in)
  • Hazeel, General Khazard and Jerrod... (they walk past you)
  • (Screen fades out and in)
  • ...Moia... (she walks past you)
  • (Screen fades out and in)
  • ...Lord Daquarius... (he walks past you)
  • (Screen fades out and in)
  • ...Zemouregal and Enakhra... (they walk past you)
  • (Screen fades out and in)
  • ...and finally, Nomad. (he walks past you in a running animation)
  • (Screen fades out and in)
  • Moia: Good, we have all arrived. According to Viggora Sliske's lair lies beyond this passage.
  • Zemouregal: Finally! Let's get in there and take out that rat.
    • Yeah, let's get him!
      • Moia: No, we stick to the plan. Zamorak has given us clear instructions.
    • No, that's not the plan.
      • Zemouregal: The plan is what ever I say it is, Sliske's trickery can't hold me back.
      • Moia: Zemouregal, we are a team. Zamorak has given us clear instructions.
    • Pipe down, you numbskull.
      • Zemouregal: Speak to me like that one more time, Player. I dare you.
      • Moia: Stop, both of you! We are a team. Zamorak has given us clear instructions.
  • Hazeel: If we resort to brute force we risk raising the alarm. Sliske could move the Stone through the Shadow Realm before we reach the vault.
  • Nomad: Let me scout ahead. I can remove the threat of any guards if they spot me.
  • Zemouregal: Hah! If I must stay on the back lines you are staying with me, mage.
  • Nomad: I could get to the stone quicker than any-
  • Enakhra: Quiet! Zamorak selected Player and Jerrod to enter. We must trust his judgement.
  • Player: Together we can progress undetected to assassinate the guards and disable any defences.
  • Zemouregal: Hm. I'll allow it, but I cannot see what makes you any more capable than me.
  • Moia: They are more agile and experienced in thievery than everyone else here, making them our best choice.
  • Player: We've discussed it enough. Let's go take out the guards, Jerrod.
  • Jerrod: As if I needed any encouragement. Just.. One.. Mome- Arrrrghhh!
Jerrod transforms into a werewolf in a flash of light.
  • Jerrod: Grrr...come on. Before I get impatient.

Sneaking Past the Guards[edit | edit source]

  • Assassinate the guards and pull the levers to disable defences to open Jerrod's path. Don't get spotted!

If you speak to Jerrod

  • Jerrod: Keep your voice down!
  • Player: What should we do?
  • Jerrod: Isn't it obvious? You deal with the wights when they are looking away from you. Try and keep away from those masks too. If you can find a way to open passages for me to sneak through I'll go round the back and take out any wights I can find. There must be something to open up these doors as well, so look out for a lever or switch. Once we've scouted out the way the others will be able to get through.
  • Player: That does make sense. Let's get to it!
  • Jerrod: Quietly.

After pulling the first lever

  • The doors have retracted, letting Jerrod sneak past and deal with wights you would otherwise be blocked by.

After reaching the vault

  • Moia: That was impressive, Player. You've cleared the path to the vault so the rest of us can move through. We should get moving. I have a feeling the vault door will not be easy to crack.

If you activate Moia's communication device

  • Moia: Player? I'm listening.
  • Player: What do I need to do?
  • Moia: We need to focus on the heist. Getting the Stone of Jas is our only objective.

If you speak to Bilrach

  • Bilrach: Get back to the lair, I can sense the other Mahjarrat there. They are in need of you.

If you speak to Zamorak

  • Zamorak: Why are you back so soon? Do you bring news of the Stone of Jas?
  • Player: We made it into Sliske's lair. Haven't found the Stone yet, though.
  • Zamorak: Then why are you here? Go back to Sliske's lair - time is of the essence!

Unlocking the Vault[edit | edit source]

  • Light: Hey Shadow, wake up! We've got guests!
  • Shadow: Oh what is it now? Can't a mask get a little bit of peace and quiet around here?
  • Light: Don't be a spoilsport, they've come to play our game!
  • Shadow: I'm not in the mood for games.
  • Light: Oh come on! We wouldn't have to tell Sliske.
  • Shadow: Fine, let's get this over with quickly. Player, tell your dog there to sniff out the guards' tracks.
    • Okay, will do.
      • Moia: If Jerrod can find the guards, then I will be able to see their memories of unlocking the door.
    • Erm...should we go along with this?
      • Moia: I'm not sure we have a choice.
    • I'm not trusting them.
      • Moia: I am not sure we have a choice.
  • Speak to Jerrod in order to use him to find guards.

If you speak to heist members before tracking the first guard

  • Moia: Hm, we need more information. Instruct Jerrod to find more guards so that I may read their minds.
  • Zemouregal: These measly defences will not hold us back for long, Player.
  • Enakhra: Tell Jerrod to sniff out the guards so Moia can steal their memories.
  • Nomad: Tell Jerrod to sniff out the guards so Moia can steal their memories.
  • Hazeel: The Stone of Jas lies in the vault beyond this door, Player.
  • Lord Daquarius: We must crack the rune locks, Player!
  • General Khazard: We are almost there, Player. We must break through this door!

Upon finding the first guard

  • Light: Oo Shadow, they found a guard. How exciting!
  • Shadow: Can you speed things up a bit please? I have sleeping to do. Player, tell the mind-reader girl to use her powers on the guard.
  • Jerrod found a guard. Use Moia to steal any memories it has about unlocking the door.

If Jerrod finds a guard, he might say one of the following phrases:

  • Jerrod: Moia, what information does this wight hide?
  • Jerrod: Moia, plunder the foul creature's mind!
  • Jerrod: Found one. Steal his thoughts Moia!

If you fail to find a memory after three attempts

  • Moia: Hm, I failed to take hold of his mind. I must try again.

Upon obtaining the first memory

  • Moia: Apparently there are magical orbs in the Shadow Realm that are connected to the door. They contain light and shadow energy which we must balance to prevent the alarm from triggering! Khazard and Hazeel can reveal the orbs. Nomad, use your spells to increase the power of one orb while Enakhra uses hers to drain the other! Player, keep an eye on the balance of light and shadow on the vault door. Inform Nomad and Enakhra when they need to switch in order to maintain the balance.
  • Light: Look, look! They're figuring it out!
  • Shadow: Yes, yes, how very interesting.
  • The balance between light and shadow can be seen in the two halves of the circle on the vault door. Nomad will increase the power of the side he's on while Enakhra will drain the other. You need to keep the sides balanced so the alarm doesn't trigger, so tell Nomad and Enakhra to switch if one side is almost completely drained. Remember to keep using Jerrod to find guards when you have a chance.

If you speak to Hazeel or Khazard while they're channeling

  • Hazeel or Khazard: Not right now, Player. I must hold this window to the Shadow Realm!

If you fail to keep the orbs balanced

  • Alarm triggered: You did not maintain the balance between shadow and light.
  • The alarm was triggered by the imbalance between the light and shadow orbs. Remember to switch Nomad and Enakhra in order to maintain the balance.

Upon obtaining the second memory:

  • Undead minions will come in waves from two tunnels at a time. Look for glowing eyes to determine which tunnels the next waves will come from. Then instruct Zemouregal where his next portals are needed.

When Zemouregal starts channeling his portals

  • Zemouregal: Sliske's necromancy is no match for my power!

When Zemouregal changes his portal locations (if at all)

  • Zemouregal: Yes, yes... More!

Upon speaking to Zemouregal to place the portals

  • Zemouregal: Where are these undead weaklings coming from next, Player?

If you fail to place the portals correctly:

  • Alarm triggered: Zemouregal's portals were not in the correct locations.
  • Your attempt was overrun by wights from the tunnels. Remember to tell Zemouregal where to place his portals in order to defend the group.

Upon obtaining the third memory

  • Moia: Of course, Umbra!
  • Moia: This one knew how to decrypt the rune lock on the right door! Daquarius, Umbra!

Upon obtaining the fourth memory

  • Moia: Of course, Lux!
  • Moia: This one knew the decryption for the left door! It is Lux, Daquarius!

Upon obtaining the fifth memory:

  • Moia: That did it! It would seem the defences shut down once the door has been unlocked. The Stone of Jas is within our grasp.
  • Zemouregal: Then let us get in there and claim what is ours!

If you speak to heist members before entering the vault:

  • Moia: We have unlocked the door. It is time to enter the vault.
  • Jerrod: The door is unlocked, Player. We should head through.
  • Zemouregal: Hm, Sliske will have to do better than that to best us, Player.
  • Nomad: That was a piece of cake. The Stone of Jas awaits us.
  • Enakhra: We did it, Player. Lead the way into the vault.
  • Lord Daquarius: We've cracked the door, Player. Let's see what awaits us in the vault.
  • Hazeel: The way to the vault is unlocked. Enter with caution, Player.
  • General Khazard: Sliske's shadow trickery was no match for our combined power. We should head into the vault.

Fight for the Stone of Jas[edit | edit source]

Confronting Sliske[edit | edit source]

  • Player: Sliske...
  • Sliske: Hahaha! How nice to finally have some visitors. Hope you like what I've done with the place. The statues are truly inspired artwork, I think. I recommend having a good look.
  • Moia: How could he possibly have known? We did everything right!
  • Sliske: Oh Moia, did you really think I would not notice you at the citadel? I have known every step of the way.
  • Zemouregal: Useless half-breed! Lucien was right about you, weak-
  • Sliske: Tut tut tut, Zemouregal. The girl was at least slightly harder to track than you were.
  • Zemouregal: Had you been watching me I would have caught you and cut that forked tongue from your mouth.
  • Sliske: Oh, but you hardly move from that fortress of yours. All alone up there in the mountains with no one but your gargoyles to keep you company. Poor old Zemouregal. Looks like you might have put on a few pounds too!
    • He's right, Zemouregal.
      • Zemouregal: Whose side are you on, Player? I say we eliminate this vermin before he has the chance to scurry away!
    • What do you want, Sliske?
      • Sliske: Well I'm glad you asked! I want some new drapes, perhaps a portrait or two, a rematch between Zamorak and Saradomin-
      • Zemouregal: Enough of this prattle! I say we eliminate this vermin before he has made the chance to scurry away!
    • Let's get down to business.
      • Sliske: Yes I quite agree. Here is the deal: a fight to the death among yourselves, winner takes the Stone. Aaaand go!
      • Nomad: Hmm..
  • Sliske: Ah-ah-ah! How rude of me, I almost forgot to introduce you.
  • Moia: That is quite enough of your performance, Sliske. Your time has run out.
  • Khazard: Hazeel... Do you sense that?
  • Hazeel: Yes, Khazard, I sense it too. Be on your guard!
  • Sliske: I think it's time for you to meet the other guests!
A shadow apparition version of each heist member except the player appears.
  • Sliske: Nomad, meet Nomad! Daquarius, meet Daquarius! Jerrod- well, you get the picture.
  • Hazeel: So this is the result of your twisted experiments in the Shadow Realm.
  • Khazard: What have you done, Sliske? Playing god like this is dangerous - even for you!
  • Sliske: If I didn't know better I'd say you were scared, Khazard.
  • Khazard: No! Surely they are nothing but apparitions - constructs of shadow...
  • Nomad: Indeed. A nice trick, but nothing more, conjurer.
  • Sliske: Oh but they are so much more. You will find them to be quite formidable opponents.
    • That's pretty cool.
      • Sliske: You know art when you see it, Player. But just you wait, I still have an ace up my sleeve for you.
    • Where's my one?
      • Sliske: Haha, such impatience! Just you wait, I still have an ace up my sleeve for you.
    • I'm not impressed.
      • Sliske: Huh. Tough crowd. But do not fear! I still have an ace up my sleeve for you.
  • Moia: We have heard enough of your empty words. Disciples of chaos, ready yourselves!
  • Khazard: Player, I will send you unto the Shadow Realm to retrieve the Stone. We will buy you as much time as we can. Our fate is in your hands!
Khazard sends you into the Shadow Realm.

The Foreshadow[edit | edit source]

  • You hear Sliske's voice echo around the cavernous vault...
  • Sliske: Welcome to your nightmare, Player. It's time to face your inner demons!

If you attempt to leave via the vault door

  • Clicking on this door will take you out of this area and back to Morytania. Are you sure you want to leave?
    • Yes
    • No

If the shadow binds you

  • Click to break free!
    • If you successfully break free
      • You successfully break free!

If the shadow teleports you to the Stone of Jas

  • Foreshadow: Come with me, little one.
  • Get off the platform!

If the shadow darkens the room

  • Foreshadow: The shadows won't hide you now!
  • Get closer to the boss to avoid the darkness!

The Wights[edit | edit source]

  • (Screen turns black)
  • Meanwhile, outside the Shadow Realm...
  • (Screen fades in)
  • Use Nomad to defend the group from Sliske's elite wights while they fight the apparitions!

During the fight, when wights attack your teammates

  • [Teammate] is being attacked by elite wights!

If you attempt to attack any of the shadow counterparts

  • You need to deal with the elite wights right now.

Upon defeating 30 elite wights

  • (Screen turns black)
  • Nomad successfully defeated the elite wights! Back in the Shadow Realm...

If you speak to Zamorak in the hideout

  • Zamorak: Why are you back so soon? Do you bring news of the Stone of Jas?
  • Player: We've broken into the vault. The Stone is in the Shadow Realm!
  • Zamorak: WHAT? Get back there now - capture the Stone!

Memory of Forinthry[edit | edit source]

  • Your mind is cast back through time to witness a memory that was imprinted on the Stone of Jas many millennia ago...
The scene changes to show Zamorak bent over on the ground, with a hand on the Stone of Jas, facing Armadyl, Saradomin, and Bandos.
  • Saradomin: You are defeated, Zamorak. Give up the Stone!
  • Zamorak: Never! You betrayed me, Saradomin. You threw away our alliance the moment your knife could find my back!
  • Armadyl: Please, Zamorak. Look at the Stone. Your desperation is causing it to become unstable!
  • Bandos: Close that beak of yours. We have you surrounded, Zamorak. Your armies lay in ruins on all sides!
  • Armadyl: There is a peaceful way out of this for all of us, you barbarian. Zamorak, it does not have to come to this!
  • Saradomin: You cannot reason with this mad dog, Armadyl. He and all his forces are devoted to evil above all else.
  • Zamorak: I have risen to power through my own strength and will, and now you fear me. Everywhere you spread your propaganda! Everywhere your followers whisper your lies! But more than that, you fear my words. You are wretched and weak - snivelling cravens who cower from the truth. Now chaos will be your end!
  • Armadyl: Zamorak, I beg of you - the Stone! You know not what you do. You could annihilate Forinthry and all innocent life within!
  • Saradomin: Do you see now? This is what you truly stand for: the destruction of life. You are nothing but a villain.
  • Zamorak: Armadyl... Bandos... Hear me. Everything I have done I have done for Gielinor. I seek only to raise up the inhabitants of this world!
  • Bandos: Hah! The mighty Zamorak, begging on his knees. Pathetic.
  • Armadyl: Saradomin, does he speak the truth?
  • Saradomin: He is trying to manipulate you. We each allied to bring this wretched criminal to justice. The Stone is rightfully mine!
  • Bandos: Haha! Yours? Looks like fair game to me, old man.
  • Zamorak: You would only seek to rule over this world with its power, the same as Zaros before you. Stagnation and weakness is all that results.
  • Saradomin: And you believe chaos to be the answer? Would you have this planet ravaged by a never-ending war?
  • Zamorak: Conflict would be inevitable, of course, but the people of the world would be free. Free to fall and grow, to fail and rebuild-
  • Saradomin: MADNESS!
  • Bandos: In another time we might have seen eye-to-eye, Zamorak. I might have even let you fight for me.
  • Zamorak: Surely you can see the value of my words, Bandos.
  • Bandos: They are just words. Empty promises and idle chatter. You are a blight that must be eradicated.
  • Zamorak: Armadyl? Please...
  • Armadyl: I am sorry, Zamorak. I cannot allow chaos to engulf this world.
  • Saradomin: The time has come for you to meet your end, usurper.
  • Zamorak: NO! You are all blind. None of you are deserving of this power. None of you! If I must meet my end, then each of you will meet yours!
Zamorak begins to use the Stone, which emits a bright glow as the scene fades...
  • When you come to, you are no longer in the Shadow Realm. Divine energy crackles around you as you are temporarily able to channel the Stone's energy.

Final Decisions[edit | edit source]

  • Nomad: Hahahaha! Fools. You've cleared a path for me all the way to the Stone.
  • Player: What are you doing Nomad?
  • Nomad: For too long I have struggled to regain my power. Serving under masters who were unworthy of my devotion. Then divination lead me to discover a source of greatness more potent than any I had seen before. The energy of the gods themselves. Now I stand before a fountain of that very power, and all that is left is to reach out and drink from it.
    • You don't have to do this.
      • Player: You don't have to do this, Nomad.
      • Nomad: I do not have to, no, but I am a man of ambition. Imagine the things I could do with such power!
    • You're mad.
      • Player: You've gone madder than you already were, Nomad.
      • Nomad: Is it mad to want to test the boundaries of magic? I am a man of ambition. Imagine the things I could do with such power!
    • I should have let Death deal with you.
      • Player: I should have left you with Death. Your soul belongs in the Underworld.
      • Nomad: Yes, already I have defied Death himself. With the power of the Stone of Jas immortality surely awaits me!
  • Zemouregal: Arrogant mage. You are nothing but a traitor, no more fit to wield the Stone than that hypocrite Saradomin!
  • Nomad: Oh, but Saradomin is so unimaginative. What have the gods done with the Stone? Nothing! Envisage the power of the gods in the hands of someone who knows the science of magic. I alone possess the knowledge to realise its true potential.
  • Player: Look at what you're up against. Even an escape artist like you can't make it out of here with the Stone.
  • Nomad: Hm, not the whole Stone, no. Regrettable indeed. But teleporting out with a small piece of the Stone? Well, that seems quite feasible.
  • Zemouregal: You would not dare.
  • Nomad: Watch me.
Nomad runs forward and throws his spear, freezing the scene.
  • Nomad launched his spear at you!
    • Stop Nomad - throw the spear back.
      • You catch the spear and throw it back, striking Nomad's outreached arm.
      • Nomad: Argh! Wretched 'World Guardian'. You are nothing but a mercenary - why would you choose to help Zamorak? He is weak, cowering in his hideout! Look at you. His loyal followers. When Sliske takes his vengeance, will Zamorak come to your aid? No, he hides in the depths of Daemonheim where he thinks he is beyond reach. No one will help you now.
      • Zamorak: Wrong.
    • Don't stop Nomad - dodge the spear.
      • Nomad: Finally, I can feel the power coursing through my veins. Even the mighty Zamorak will cower before my magic. Look at you. His loyal followers. When Sliske takes his vengeance, will Zamorak come to your aid? No, he hides in the depths of Daemonheim where he thinks he is beyond reach.
      • Zamorak: Wrong.
Zamorak appears behind Nomad and knocks him down. Zamorak charges up a final blow, and as he is about to deliver it, Nomad teleports away. Zamorak cancels the attack, and walks up to the Stone of Jas. He touches it and begins to channel energy from it, but Sliske appears and strikes each of Zamorak's followers, freezing them in place with dark magic, except for the Player. Zamorak releases the Stone and turns to confront Sliske.
  • Zamorak: So, the serpent finally rears its ugly head.
  • Sliske: Ah, good old Zammy. It is nice to see you again too.
  • Zamorak: Release my followers and perhaps you will still leave here with your life.
  • Sliske: Careful, I could disappear into the shadows with the Stone faster than you could say 'Saradomin'.
  • Zamorak: You stand before a god. Unlike you, I am no fraud. You would do well to remember it.
  • Sliske: Oh, come now, we have so much in common! There was a time when we stood side by side, many lifetimes ago.
  • Zamorak: You are nothing but a rogue. A vagabond. We are nothing alike.
  • Sliske: No? Surely you have not forgotten I was Praetorian Prefect, back in the good old days of the Zarosian Empire. Did we not work together then, Legatus?
    • What is a Praetorian Prefect?
      • Sliske: Praefectus Praetorio, technically. It was my title in Senntisten under Zaros's reign. My talents earned me the leadership of the secret police.
    • What is a Legatus?
      • Sliske: Legatus Maximus, actually. The prestigious title assigned to none other than Zamorak himself. General of the Zarosian armies! A glorious position. Imagine Zaros's surprise when his Legatus Maximus stabbed him in the back.
    • [Continue]
  • Zamorak: Do not waste my time with talk of petty titles and fussy hierarchies. They led us only to weakness and stagnation.
  • Sliske: A fact of which I am well aware. Tell me, Zamorak - do you really think the Praetorian Prefect was not aware of your plot to overthrow Zaros?
  • Zamorak: You will not manipulate me with your lies, Sliske. I know you too well to be tricked by the deceptions you spin.
  • Sliske: I have no reason to lie about this. The old society was oh so boring. Everyone being watched, afraid to put a foot out of line. Your development of this 'chaos' ideology was a breath of fresh air. Honourable intentions certainly, but it was the results that had me intrigued.
  • Zamorak: Chaos is not a game where you can pull the strings. Only an imperious Zarosian would believe they could play puppet master.
  • Sliske: Yes, I suppose that is where we differ. But ask yourself, do the motivations really matter when the goal is the same?
  • Zamorak: You are no ally of mine, spider. Crawl back to the shadows you came from, the Stone is no longer in your possession.
  • Sliske: Hahaha! Ally? Oh Zammy, I fear I have misled you. You know better than to think me so...unambitious. You may have reached the Stone, yes. It was truly marvellous watching your minions play my games. But to believe it is in your possession? Well...
  • Zamorak: I have already drawn power from it, regardless of your empty words. Even now my energy increases. It is about time you met your end.
  • Sliske: Ah yes, you can feel the energy coursing through your veins. You are addicted, just like Saradomin is, just like Lucien was. And now I am too.
    • What do you mean addicted?
      • Sliske: Can't you see? Everyone who has ever touched the Stone has sacrificed everything in order to keep it in their grasp. The energy withheld in the Stone is not from this world, and the feeling of absorbing it is incomparable. I am not so clouded by pride that I would deceive myself.
      • Zamorak: You speak only of your own addiction. The Stone is but a tool; a necessity if I am to liberate this world from the other gods.
      • Sliske: Fool yourself all you like, Zamorak. I now know the truth.
      • Player: What about me?
      • Sliske: It would seem being the World Guardian is a double-edged sword. You may not be harmed by the gods, but you are also unable to absorb divine energy. Good old Guthix gave you a blessing - and a curse. You do seem to be quite handy at channeling the Stone's power temporarily though. Addiction may not be your downfall, no, but power so often corrupts the heart and mind.
    • [Continue]
  • Zamorak: You have gone too far, Sliske. You are nothing but a plague that must be purged from this world.
  • Sliske: Player, I have afforded you the opportunity to influence history. Choose wisely.
    • Help Zamorak.
Both Zamorak and the player cast a spell at Sliske. Wounded, the Mahjarrat teleports himself and the Stone of Jas away.
      • Zamorak: Player, the snake may have escaped, but already I feel some of my power returning. He will cower in the Shadow Realm and lick his wounds for some time. My loyal followers, you have been tested to your limits today. You have each risked your lives in my service. Those who would betray us have been weeded from our ranks. Those who would oppose us have tasted our fortitude. And as we emerge from the chaos, we grow stronger.
      • The team members, one by one, all bow for Zamorak.
        • Bow.
          • Zamorak: Rise. You need not kneel before me. We still have much work to do.
        • Stand.
          • (Continues below)
      • Zamorak: You have my gratitude and respect, Player. Sliske will be gravely wounded from our combined attack. You were a worthy ally to have on our side today. Here, you have more than earned these rewards. I will leave you with Moia's device so that you may visit me at Daemonheim should you wish.
    • Help Sliske. (Quest end)
Zamorak begins to cast a spell at Sliske, but you interrupt him by casting a spell of your own at Zamorak. Sliske laughs and teleports himself, the Stone, and you into the Shadow Realm.
      • Sliske: Hahaha! Bravo, Player. You really did leave it until the most dramatic moment to upstage poor old Zammy. Needed a little help from yours truly, of course, but impressive nonetheless.
        • I did it to help you.
          • Player: I did only what you asked of me. The Stone of Jas remains with its rightful owner.
          • Sliske: You are truly a worthy ally. I may have had my doubts but you have certainly proven yourself today.
        • I did it to stop Zamorak.
          • Player: I didn't do it for you. Zamorak had to be stopped, one way or another.
          • Sliske: Willing or not, you have proven yourself a worthy ally today. Zamorak will certainly regret bringing you along!
      • Sliske: You have provided quite the entertaining show; a catalyst for chaos indeed. I believe you have earned yourself some rewards. (Quest end)
      • Sliske: Leave now, Player. I have much to prepare for.
    • Remain neutral.
      • Zamorak casts a spell at Sliske and Sliske collapses. Wounded, the Mahjarrat teleports himself and the Stone of Jas away.
      • Zamorak: Player, the snake may have escaped, but already I feel some of my power returning. He will cower in the Shadow Realm and lick his wounds for some time. My loyal followers, you have been tested to your limits today. You have each risked your lives in my service. Those who would betray us have been weeded from our ranks. Those who would oppose us have tasted our fortitude. And as we emerge from the chaos, we grow stronger.
      • The team members, one by one, all bow for Zamorak.
        • Kneel before Zamorak?
          • Yes
            • Zamorak: Rise. You need not kneel before me. We still have much work to do.
            • You stand back up.
          • No
            • (Continues below)
      • Zamorak: If you had channelled the Stone with me in a combined attack we may have had a chance to end Sliske's life, Player. Still, you have been a worthy ally to have on our side today. We may not have made it this far without you. Here, you have more than earned these rewards. I will leave you with Moia's device so that you may visit me at Daemonheim should you wish.

If you speak with any of the heist members before ending the quest

  • Heist member: What are you doing? Zamorak is here, you should speak to him.

If you teleport back to the hideout before ending the quest

  • Zamorak: What are you doing here? You should be in Sliske's lair with me!
  • Player: But you're right here...
  • Zamorak: This is just a projection of my form. I am in the vault waiting for you.

Post-quest dialogue[edit | edit source]

Moia[edit | edit source]

If you use the communication device to contact Moia

  • Player: Moia? Can you hear me?
  • Moia: Our mission is over, Player. You may use the teleport function to return to Zamorak's Daemonheim headquarters if you wish.

If you speak to Moia in Zamorak's Daemonheim headquarters

  • Moia: Player.

Bilrach[edit | edit source]

If you sided with Sliske

  • Bilrach: Player, pity to hear about your decision to help Sliske. Despite my advice, Zamorak saw something in you that I did not. Unfortunately, it would see he was wrong. So very wrong.

If you sided with Zamorak or remained neutral

  • Bilrach: Player, your allegiance was a deciding factor in the events that transpired on the heist. Despite my advice, Zamorak saw something in you that I did not, no. He is truly wise beyond measure.

Zamorak[edit | edit source]

If you sided with Sliske

  • Zamorak: Ah, the traitor returns. You have a lot to answer for. Tell me, what was the reason from your betrayal?
    • I support Sliske.
      • Zamorak: You would rather side with that conceited snake than be welcomed into my inner circle? It was certainly a mistake to have trusted you.
    • I support another god.
      • Zamorak: So you are too misguided to see the growth that chaos can bring. A pity.
    • I support the Godless.
      • Zamorak: It is a shame you cannot see the growth that chaos can bring. Nevertheless, I am glad to see you free from the influence of the other gods.
    • I wanted the Stone of Jas.
      • Zamorak: Just as weak as the rest of your race. So consumed by your selfish desires for power and dominance.
    • I want to watch the world burn.
      • Zamorak: Did you learn nothing from your time here? Clearly you would create chaos as a force of evil.
  • Zamorak: Let us get this conversation over with so that you may disappear from my sight.
  • (Skip to Talk to Zamorak about...)

If you sided with Zamorak or remained neutral

  • Zamorak: Ah, Player. Welcome back.
  • (Talk to Zamorak about...)
    • Mahjarrat at the Battle of Lumbridge.
      • Player: Why weren't the Mahjarrat at the Battle of Lumbridge?
      • Zamorak: They were each so engrossed in their own affairs that they failed to see the damage wrought to our faction. Some of them were busy searching for Sliske or elder artefacts. Others simply did not believe I needed their aid. Now they have redeemed themselves and proven their loyalty. We need not linger on those events.
    • The betrayal of Zaros.
      • Player: What happened when you assassinated Zaros?
      • Zamorak: Hm. Few know the true account of what transpired that night. I alone can tell you. When I came upon Zaros, he invaded my mind. A cunning trick, but it ultimately led to his demise. In that moment I realised how to use the elder staff I was wielding. I overwhelmed the 'Empty Lord' and drove the staff through his torso. In a last fit of rage, he seized my arms and wrenched me towards him, impaling me on the staff along with him. As his life expired the staff acted as a conduit, channeling his divine energy into my body. The rush of energy healed my wounds and I rose the victor, forever changed by the battle.
    • Cursing the dwarves.
      • Player: Why did you curse the chaos dwarves?
      • Zamorak: My military might needed bolstering. The dwarves presented an ideal opportunity to overcome this challenge. It was a difficult decision to make, of course, but in return for their unwavering devotion I gave them power beyond any they had known before. I admit things did not go entirely to plan; an unfortunate turn of events for which I am deeply remorseful.
    • Gaining power from the Stone of Jas
      • Player: Have you gained power from touching the Stone of Jas?
      • Zamorak: I was able to absorb a lot of power from the Stone within a short time, almost as if I was re-energising stores that already existed within me. As the World Guardian, you were only able to channel the Stone's energy temporarily, whereas I was able to fully absorb it in order to permanently increase my strength. I recall that the humans of the Second Age drafted a hierarchy containing seven tiers of godhood, from demigods to Elder Gods. In this crude quantification of power I believe I have risen a tier, regaining the power I lost to Saradomin.
    • Char.
      • Player: What happened between you and Char?
      • Zamorak: Char... The name tastes like ashes in my mouth. She was nothing but a Zarosian zealot, blinded by her adoration of him. She was problematic, to say the least. She could have been a fearsome ally, but she chose to remain a slave to Zaros. She attempted to trick me, believing that I could be seduced. How little she knew of the Mahjarrat... Char had to be made an example of. I left her close enough to death to make sure she could not interfere.
    • His plans.
      • Player: What are your plans for the future?
        • (If you sided with Sliske)
          • Zamorak: Ha! You will know nothing of my plans, traitor.
        • (If you sided with Zamorak or remained neutral)
          • Zamorak: The Stone of Jas is still in Sliske's hands, so that will remain our focus. We will continue to rebuild, of course. With a solid nucleus at the heart of my armies I will be able to plot our next offensive. Vengeance is never far from my mind. Retribution will come to those that have made the mistake of crossing me.
    • The return of Zaros (unlocked by Fate of the Gods).
      • Player: Zaros has returned to Gielinor.
      • Zamorak: Impossible. I drove the staff through him with my own hands. Zaros is dead.
      • Player: He's alive. I was there when he returned.
      • Zamorak: This is grave news. If Zaros has truly survived he will no doubt seek out revenge. I must discover his plans.
    • Goodbye
      • Zamorak: Farewell.

Viggora[edit | edit source]

  • Viggora: Ah, you are one of Zamorak's allies, are you not?
  • Player: He chose me as one of the members of his heist team, yes.
  • Viggora: How goes the operation? Is the Stone of Jas within Lord Zamorak's grasp?
  • Player: Sliske escaped with the Stone, but Zamorak was still able to draw power from it.
  • Viggora: Hm, a partial victory at least. We must begin planning the next offensive, I long to witness Lord Zamorak's prowess in combat once more.
  • Player: What are you going to do now?
  • Viggora: I should liaise with the rest of my faction. No doubt they will have need of my services.