Transcript of Dip A Toe

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Seafarers have a care
When you speak ill of the sea
Sure, she's got a temper
She's a sweet lady to me

Sunkissed we begin our tryst
And we slow-danced to and fro
Kick back and take a sip
Breathe a sigh and dip a toe

Drifting, never lifting
A hand but to toast her
Gentle beauty, in truth she
Mirrors heaven on Earth

Soft now, she mists my brow
Cool caress and serene flow
Sea wise, clear blue skies
Feast my eyes and dip a toe

When I sail away on my final day
No tears on her face
She'll carry me to my ancestors
In a final embrace

Heavy eyes and a warm heart
Sun sets over Waiko
No worry 'bout tomorrow
For now I'll just dip a toe