Transcript of Dinosaurs 101

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Progress on the construction of the city of Orthen is going well. My own clerical duties in this endeavour are mostly completed, such that I have been reassigned to assist Skeka in her field of study. Her observation outpost is well established now, and she and her team have already classified and catalogued all local flora and fauna. My role is to convert this outpost into a place of learning for incoming colonists. This new world has an abundance of beauty and I revel in being the one to teach them of its many wonders.

My first task has been to review Skeka's research notes on this world, which primarily consists of anatomical studies of dinosaurs and other lizards, as well as of the varied megaflora and a seemingly semi-sentient fungus. Numerous autopsies are taking place here to teach students dinosaur anatomy, to ensure they know how to safety[sic] interact with them. I find the viscera quite unsettling but respect the value these autopsies yield. A young dragonkin can handle even a fully grown rex, if first armed with a little bit of knowledge from this learned place.

Skeka's interest in this island's plant life is more for medicinal purpose - some for treating various ailments, some more for self-medication. The kin have been through much to get even here, so I do not begrudge wanting to escape from even one's own mind now we are able to relax a little. Reaching this place and building this new city is a hard-won victory. I may take some of these later findings to heart myself; they could help inspire my next poem.

As for Skeka herself, she has shifted her research back towards more mystical origins, exploring local energy sources.

-Kranon, Syrtes cleric