Dialogue for Dimintheis

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  • Select an option
    • Ask about gauntlets.
      • What would you like to ask about?
        • Reclaim lost gauntlets
          • (If gauntlets haven't been lost:)
            • Dinintheis: Your gauntlets haven't returned to me. You'll have to find them on your own.
          • (If gauntlets have been lost:)
            • Dinintheis: Some of your gauntlets were returned to me through their magic power recently. Would you like them back?
            • Select an option
              • Yes please.
                • Dinintheis: Here you are.
              • Not right now.
        • Buy new steel gauntlets
          • Player: I wanted to ask if there were any more of those mystical gauntlets you could part with? I really appreciate the skill and effort your sons put into their craft and would like to honour this by having one pair of each type of gauntlets.
          • Dinintheis: I am flattered on behalf of my sons, but although there are more gauntlets that have been kept in the family, the others are not mine to part with. They belong to each of my sons to use as they see fit, and they alone can decide what they do with theirs.
          • Player: I suppose I could pay them a visit. Thank you.
        • Nothing
          • (Dialogue terminates.)
    • Ask about something else.
      • (Before completing Defender of Varrock:)
        • Dinintheis: You have my eternal gratitude, adventurer, for all you have done in saving my family's honour. Perhaps some day my sons will overcome their differences.
      • (After completing Defender of Varrock:)
        • Player: That was some impressive zombie-killing you did at the palace.
        • Dinintheis: Yes, that shield is very impressive. Things are going well for me now. I've been declared a hero of Varrock and King Roald has said he's going to make it a priority to restore some land to the Fitzharmon family estate.
        • Player: About time too.
        • Dinintheis: I'm looking forward to getting out of this hole, I can tell you.