Dialogue for Dilwyn

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This transcript involves dialogue with Dilwyn and the player.
  • Dilwyn: Good day, my friend! Good day!
  • Player: Show me what you have. [Leads to store page]
  • Player: Can I ask you about your stock?
    • NPC: Ask away!
    • Player: Tell me about auras.
      • NPC: Xuan told me that auras were created in the far east, where he travelled here from. They're the carved bones of fantastical beasts, which can channel magic.
      • Player: How do I use them?
      • NPC: Why, you wear them. When you activate one, the magical energy will create a wondrous and very visible glow.
      • Player: What powers do they have?
      • NPC: Each is unique! Some aid you with combat, some with training. I even heard of one which turned cannonballs into squid!
      • NPC: The power will not last forever. After using it for a time, you need to let it replenish itself. How long depends on the aura.
      • NPC: I'm also offering a special guarantee: the auras are enchanted so that, if you lose one, just come back to me and I'll return it to you!
    • Player: Tell me about the outfits.
      • NPC: Xuan has handed me a vast range of outfits from around the world - finely crafted armours, party costumes and just a few oddities.
      • NPC: Any purchased outfit can be switched between a variety of colours.

- Game message: Outfits can be activated from the Customisation interface. -

    • Player: Tell me about recolouring items.
      • NPC: I can recolour some of your items. Have a look around the shop and you'll see which ones.

- Game message: Purchasing the ability to recolour a specific item allows you to recolour that item as often as you like. You must own the specific item and have it equipped or in your inventory for Dilwyn to recolour it. If you lose or sell the item, you will need to recover the item in order to recolour it.-

    • Player: Tell me about emotes.
      • NPC: I can teach you a great many tricks, poses, performances and techniques for you to show off to the world.

- Purchased emotes are permanently unlocked for your character. -

    • Player: Tell me about titles.
      • NPC: I've got some documents that let you announce yourself to the world by a title. Something to let others know what sort of person you are, your status, your past deeds, and so on.

-Titles appear before your name. For example, you could be called Lady Elendil. You can switch between any titles you have purchased. Titles can be activated from the Customisation interface. -

  • Player: [Learn about Loyalty Points.]

- Game message: Loyalty Points are earned with continued RuneScape membership. The number of points you earn each month increases each month you remain subscribed. You can use points to purchase things from this shop. To learn more, visit our website. -

  • Player: Who are you?
    • NPC: Dilwyn is my name! I met a travelling salesman named Xuan - he gave me license to sell his wares here. He can't be everywhere at once!
  • Player: That's all, thanks.
    • NPC: You're welcome. Come back soon.