Transcript of Diamond in the Rough journal entry

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  • I spoke to Osman. He asked me to collect Ozan and meet him in the diamond display room.
  • I told Ozan that Osman had a plan, but that we wouldn't like it.
  • Osman told us his plan for rescuing Prince Ali.
  • Ozan and I stole the heavy weight off the Het scales, then escaped from the palace.
  • Shantay gave me a bronze scimitar and some full waterskins. He was acting a bit odd.
  • Ozan and I stepped into the Kharidian Desert.
  • Ozan broke open the heavy weight to reveal the Kharid-ib diamond. It made a screeching noise, then an ancient-looking sundial rose out of the sand!
  • The sundial had an effigy of Het - one of the desert region's lesser gods - carved into it. I turned the sundial's gnomon to point at an icon of Het, and a beam of light shot out of it, directing us south-west, from where a rumble emanated. Ozan and I discovered a second sundial, but a vital part of it had broken off.
  • As I was searching, the Kharid-ib let off another screech, just before a group of bandits jumped out of the sand and ambushed us!
  • Ozan and I soon defeated the bandits and retrieved the second sundial's gnomon.
  • I fixed the second sundial.
  • The second sundial had Apmeken on it, another of the desert's lesser gods. When I turned the gnomon to point at her icon, another beam of light directed us north-west... but the rumble this time was muted.
  • This time we only found a gnomon - the whole rest of the sundial was missing!
  • We soon discovered what had happened to it - the diamond screeched again and we were both pulled underground by some unnatural quicksand.
  • After searching the tunnels for a while, Ozan realised he'd been sitting on the gnomon all along. He fixed the sundial.
  • The third sundial depicted Crondis: yet another lesser god. When I turned the gnomon to Crondis's icon, a beam of light shone from the west, lighting the way out.
  • As we made our way along the tunnel it got much darker. Up ahead there was an eerie noise and a horrible smell.
  • I don't know how many dung balls I sliced open, but thankfully one of them contained the Kharid-ib.
  • Amazingly, Leela was topside and lowered us a rope to climb out.
  • Leela told us how she'd been tracking the kidnappers, but lost them when she reached the desert. She'd been drawn to the rumbling when the fourth sundial appeared, which is how she found us in the kalphite nursery.
  • Leela fixed the sundial this time.
  • The fourth sundial was designed after the fourth lesser god, Scabaras. When I solved it, the light beam pointed south-west.
  • Ozan, Leela and I confronted Lady Keli. We didn't trust her, and she didnt't trust us, but when she revealed she was actually the dangerous desert goddess Amascut in disguise, Ozan handed her the diamond. She could probably have killed us all with ease, but she just teleported away, leaving us to deal with her bodyguards: Apep and Heru.
  • When I managed to defeat Apepe and Heru, their bodies were reclaimed by the sand, and their weapons with them.
  • I spoke with Ozan.
  • When we got back to the palace, Leela and Osman had an argument. Leela wasn't very happy with the way her father went about things, so she's gone back to Draynor to find her own path.
  • Prince Ali has succeeded his father and is now Al Kharid's new emir. Osman doesn't think this is the end of it, though, and that Menaphos is still a serious threat, and Amascut too...
  • I spoke with Osman.