Transcript of Devious Minds journal entry

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I've spoken to a monk, he's asked me to make a special weapon for him. I took a Mithrill 2h sword to Doric's and ground it down until I could string it with a Bow-String.

The monk thanked me for the Bow-Sword. However there's a ceremony on Entrana which he couldn't attend, he asked me to take an Orb there and place it on the altar. The Orb was fragile so it had to be kept in a Large Pouch.

Something terrible happened! Someone appeared to teleport in, then he killed the monks and stole their relic... I was in so much trouble!

I spoke to the High Priest of Entrana and admitted to being the one who brought a Teleport beacon onto the island. I was told to go back to the monk and find out more.

I found the monk, though he appeared to have been killed by magic! I wasn't sure if it was the same person though... I needed to talk to the High Priest again.

The High Priest seemed disturbed that the monk was dead, I needed to report the events to Sir Tiffy in Falador.

Sir Tiffy already knew what had happened, and the Temple Knights are investigating. I've been told to be on standby for when they need me...