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Armour Spikes[edit | edit source]

This feature has previously been referred to as a "smithing overload".

Summary[edit | edit source]

Armour spikes are a new, untradeable reward for high level smiths.

Armour spikes are a consumable item which gives the player using them a "thorns" effect. This effect causes any enemy who strikes the player at from an adjacent space to take damage. The amount of damage they take scales with the player's smithing skill, and does not scale with the incoming hit (it is not a "reflect").

Armour spikes only work when using melee weapons and armour, and are especially effective when carrying a shield.

Making Armour Spikes[edit | edit source]

Armour spikes are a consumable, untradeable item which the player makes for themself through smithing.

To make armour spikes, the player takes an elder rune bar to an anvil and uses the appropriate recipe. The recipe requires 90 smithing, and requires 1000 progress to make as standard for elder rune bars. (This will take about a minute to make.) Smithing XP is awarded at the same rate as making any other base elder rune item.

Completing the recipe adds 1000 stacking "armour spike" items to the player's inventory.

An additional recipe will allow the player to make 10 bars into 10,000 spikes for 10,000 progress.

(Conceptually the player is adding spikes to their equipped armour, but adding the spikes to specific pieces of armour would conflict technically with invention, prevent the armour from stacking in the bank, and cause other QOL nastiness. Using a separate item avoids all of these problems.)

Using Armour Spikes[edit | edit source]

Once the player has some armour spike items, they can use them in combat. Armour spikes can be carried in the inventory, or put in the ammo slot. They cannot be traded or sold on the GE. They cannot be placed in a quiver.

Armour spikes only work when all of the following are true:

  • The player is using only melee weapons.
  • The player is wearing melee armour in their chest and leg slots.
  • The player has armour spikes in their inventory or ammo slot.
  • The player gets attacked by an enemy (hit or miss).
  • The enemy is adjacent to the player.

Assuming all of these are true, one armour spike item is consumed and the enemy takes an amount of melee stab damage equal to the player's Smithing skill.

If the player is wielding a melee shield, the damage dealt by the armour spikes is doubled. If using a melee defender, instead the damage is increased by 50%.

If a monster dies to armour spike damage, and the player hasn’t damaged it in any other way, the player doesn’t get credit for the kill. (This allows skillers to use the spikes for ring of recoil shenanigans, and prevents sitting there with an aggro potion being an effective farming method.)

If the player runs out of armour spikes, they just need to make some more. If the player doesn't want their armour spikes to trigger, they need to leave them in the bank.