Transcript of Desert Treasure journal entry

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  • The archaeologist I met in the desert seemed to think that there was some hidden treasure in the desert somewhere, I agreed to help him find it in return for a fifty percent share of whatever we found.
  • I headed South and found a Bandit Camp.
  • After some searching, the barman let slip some information about the ‘Four Diamonds of Azzanadra’.
  • I asked around the Bandit Camp and discovered someone who was willing to help me find the diamonds, by using a magic spell and some scrying glasses.
  • I found all four diamonds using this spell.
  • At the heart of the pyramid I found a strange being, who gave me some powerful new magic spells.
  • I can switch between my old spells and my new spells any time by using the altar there, and can avoid the traps by using the secret passage.