Transcript of Demon Slayer journal entry

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  • I can start this quest by speaking to Gideon Bede in the Saradominist Church in north-east Varrock.
  • I spoke to Gideon Bede. He told me that he was chasing a dangerous fugitive, who has come into possession of a demonic tome that could cause the destruction of Varrock!
  • Gideon explained that the fugitive is Denath. He has stolen a tome of demonology, which was once used to summon Delrith.
  • The ancient demon Delrith has the power to demolish cities, and can only be harmed by the holy sword Silverlight.
  • While he attempts to locate Denath, I must enter the crypt via the trapdoor south of Gideon, and retrieve Silverlight.
  • Three spirits watch over Silverlight in the crypt, and in order to reclaim the weapon, I must first pass theit three trials.
  • The Trial of the Body, in the crypt's western chamber.
  • The Trial of the Faith, in the crypt's northern chamber.
  • The Trial of the Mind, in the crypt's eastern chamber.
  • I have completed all three trials. I should return to the spirits.
  • The spirits dispelled the barrier protecting Silverlight. All that remains is to take the blade for my own.
  • I have claimed Silverlight! I should return to Gideon Bede immediately.
  • I returned with Silverlight, and found a message from Gideon. He has located Denath, who is beneath the Temple of Zamorak in south-east Varrock, trying to summon Delrith.
  • With Gideon's help, I defeated Delrith and we escaped the Zamorakian crypt. I should talk to Gideon at the Saradominist church [sic] in north-east Varrock.
  • I spoke to Gideon, who thanked me for saving all of Varrock, and vowed to take more care over protecting dangerous artefacts entrusted to him in future [sic].