Transcript of Decaying journal

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Blood is the gift, blood is the price.

So demands Tezcasathla. His price for raising up the mwanu above the lesser species, the apes and monkeys that infest the jungles of Jermyn.

The lesser species that live to serve. That are bred to die for our food and our amusement. This is the way of things, the rightness of the mwanu, for who as like Him but us?[sic]

In the beginning, there was only the darkness. A shadow in which only Tezcasathla sat. As time moved forwards, the stars came to light to illuminate the darkness and they cast their dim light over the newly born world of Jermyn, our world. Intrigued by this new world, Tezcasathla turned his attention to the surface, his great burning eyes plunging the world into brilliant light. But the world was still, empty. The jungles silent and devoid of life.

This bored Tezcasathla and so he reached his hand across the world and pricked a finger upon a mountain. His blood flowed down the surface and mixed with the stone and the trees. The blood infused the dirt with strength and purpose and so the stone took form and the first of the mwanu was born. Strong as stone, and he stood proud and defiant against the fiery stare of Tezcasathla, he was not afraid and this pleased Tezcasathla.

'I am mwanu!' cried the first of us. 'Strongest in all of Jermyn!'

'Prove it.' whispered the stars.

So Tezcasathla crafted the other races - the monkeys, the apes and the gorillas - and he gave each of them a single command.


To the mwanu, first of his children, he gave the first spears and axes, and he gave unto each of them a decree.

'Prove your strength. Prove it with the blood of your enemies. For if I am not sated, if you are not worthy, I will take back my gift of blood from you and you will die.'

This is the foundation upon which our society was born. Mwanu taking their rightful place as the rulers of Jermyn, and the blood sacrifices of the other races would keep Tezcasathla's hunger at bay.

It was a glorious time.