Transcript of Death to the Dorgeshuun journal entry

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  • I spoke to Mistag and agreed to help a Dorgeshuun agent spy on the HAM group.
  • I fetched two sets of HAM robes and gave one of them to Zanik so that we could go to the HAM cave in disguise.
  • Zanik has asked me to take her on a tour of Lumbridge. She is the first cave goblin to visit the surface.
  • Zanik was amazed when she saw the sun for the first time.
  • Zanik spoke to Duke Horacio and gave him the Dorgeshuun headman's regards.
  • The ordinary Lumbridge citizens were rather prejudiced against Zanik.
  • Zanik was fascinated by wooden tools in the general store, and bought some as souvenirs.
  • Father Aereck told Zanik about the gods. The Dorgeshuun fear and hate the gods but Zanik is trying to keep an open mind.
  • Zanik talked to an ordinary goblin and was horrified at how violent their culture is.
  • Zanik told me that the mark on her forehead appeared once when she drank the Tears of Guthix. Juna told her that one day it would glow and then Zanik should return to Juna.
  • Zanik asked me to take her to the HAM cave so we can see if they are plotting anything against the Dorgeshuun.
  • Zanik has noticed a hidden trapdoor in the HAM lair. She thinks the room where the senior HAM members make their plans will be down there somewhere.
  • Zanik and I found the HAM meeting room and listened outside, but then we were caught! I woke up in the HAM prison cell but there was no sign of Zanik.
  • I found Zanik's dead body outside the HAM cave.
  • I brought Zanik's body to Juna.
  • Juna said that Zanik could be resurrected if I collected some of the Tears of Guthix. I collected the tears and Zanik came back to life!
  • Zanik told me what she heard in the HAM meeting. Sigmund was planning to break through the bed of the River Lum and flood the Dorgeshuun city!
  • I hid Zanik in a crate and carried her down into the water mill cellar.
  • Zanik and I defeated Sigmund but he managed to escape using a ring of life.
  • Zanik and I smashed Sigmund's drilling machine so that he could not use it to flood the city.
  • Zanik and I returned to Dorgesh-Kaan. Ur-Tag and Zanik both thanked me, and Zanik told me she thought we would meet again.