Transcript of Death Plateau journal entry

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  • I have been told to speak to Sabbot, a dwarf that lives in a cave at the foot of the plateau as my first point of contact.
  • His cave is under Death Plateau. To get to it I must travel to the west of Burthorpe castle, past the defensive wall. Once I am past that point I need to go north and look for the cave set into the wall of the cliff.
  • Sabbot the dwarf thinks there could be an underground route to the plateau. He has told me to speak to his wife, Freda, to get a copy of the geological survey they were working on when the trolls attacked.
  • She lives in a small house on a path to the west of Death Plateau.
  • Freda has agreed to let me have a copy of her geological survey. While she makes it for me, I have promised to run an errand. I need to deliver her boots to Dunstand the smith at his house east of the castle in Burthorpe for repeairs.
  • Dunstan has given me the boots to return to Freda. By the time I get back she should have finished with the copy of the geological survey I need.
  • I have a copy of the geological survey and should head to Sabbot's cave to find a good spot to dig.
  • I have discovered the right area to dig inside Sabbot's cave.
  • I have opened up the passageway in Sabbot's cave, and I should explore it to the end to discover if it leads up to Death Plateau.
  • I have explored the passage, and it does appear to give a commanding view of Death Plateau. However, there is a troll there, and I should look into dealing with them before I report back.
  • I have angered the troll at the end of the passage to Death Plateau. I need to kill him, and quickly, before they alert any other trolls in the area.
  • I have defeated the troll at the end of the passage to Death Plateau. I should head back through the tunnel, teleport or some other means and report my findings to Denulth.
  • I have agreed to scout Death Plateau to try and find a new passage for the Imperial Guard.
  • I have reported the location of the tunnel and the secret overhand to Denulth, and helped with the first ambush on the trolls. It appears that the Imperial guard [sic] will be able to use this path to keep Burthorpe safe for quite some time.