Dialogue for Daya

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  • Daya: Hey, there!
    • What do you do here?
      • Daya: I contemplate the sun, and shall do so until it wanes on me.
      • Player: Isn't that a contradiction - sun, wanes?
      • Daya: We won't have a sun forever. It may have returned every morning so far, but one day it won't. As one of the youngest cyclopes, I hold the mantle of sun priest, and represent the issues faced by those that live on sun-side. And I contemplate the teachings of Hanalan within the Sun Tower. I also like to keep my tan topped up and drink Sinuman's coconut drink things - they're lush.
    • Can you tell me about Hanalan?
      • Daya: Hanalan is the Eye in the Day Sky. Her eye is the sun, and her breath the wind. When she brings the day, she brings saltiness to the world by drying out the sea into crystals.
      • Player: Sure, that sort of makes sense, I guess.
      • Daya: Hey, it's all metaphor. Us cyclopes are big fans of both saltiness and sweetness.
    • Nothing, thanks.
      • Daya: Have a sunny day!
      • (dialogue terminates)