Dialogue for Dark mage (Underground Pass)

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  • Player: Hello there.
  • Dark mage: Why do you interrupt me, traveller?
  • Player: I just wondered what you're doing?
  • Dark mage: I experiment with dark magic. It's a dangerous craft.
  • If the player has a broken Iban's staff with them:
    • Player: Could you fix this staff?
    • Dark mage: Almighty Zamorak! The Staff of Iban!
    • Player: Can you fix it?
    • Dark mage: This truly is dangerous magic, traveller. I can fix it, but it will cost you. The process could kill me.
    • Player: How much?
    • Dark mage: 200,000 gold pieces. Not a penny less.
    • Select an option
      • Okay then.
        • If the player has enough money with them:
          • You give the mage 200,000 coins and the staff.
          • The mage fixes the staff and returns it to you.
          • Player: Thanks. I appreciate that.
          • Dark mage: You be careful with that thing!
          • (Dialogue ends)
        • If the player does not have enough money with them:
          • Player: Oops! I'm a bit short.
          • (Dialogue ends)
      • No chance. that's[sic] ridiculous!
        • Dark mage: ...Fine by me.
        • (Dialogue ends)