Transcript of DarkScape launch video - brutal PvP; Wilderness rules; free-to-play

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Automatic transcription[edit | edit source]

[00:03] DarkScape is a new game that takes the RuneScape world and throws it into chaos,
[00:07] introducing some truly brutal new features.
[00:12] In the world of DarkScape, PvP is always an option, meaning danger can lurk around any corner.
[00:16] Guards patrol and protect towns but nowhere is ever truly safe.
[00:21] In DarkScape, you fight or you die.
[00:25] The world has been split into 3 regions, each with its own economy and grand exchange.
[00:30] The only way to transport goods from one region to another is to make the journey on foot.
[00:34] Itís a huge risk with the possibility of even bigger rewards for transporting those precious resources.
[00:42] Friends are the most valuable commodity youíll find in DarkScape,
[00:45] from Warbands, god trade routes and assault cities.
[00:49] But beware, even your most trusted ally can turn on you any time.
[00:54] DarkScape is a huge PvP sandbox for you to fight and make your fortune.
[00:58] This is a world where the most exciting stories will be the one you create every time you log in.
[01:03] This is a Live development which will adapt to how players use the world, so nothing will stay the same for long.
[01:11] DarkScape is completely free, and everyone start with a clean slate.
[01:15] However, if you log in with a RS member account, you will receive 1.5 x XP, extra bank spaces and more items kept on death.
[01:23] You can start playing right now.
[01:24] So itís time to murder, cheat and steal your way to the top.