Dialogue for Dagon the Gatekeeper

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This transcript involves dialogue with Dagon the Gatekeeper and the player.

Dagon Bye[edit | edit source]

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Reclaiming the pact with Dagon[edit | edit source]

  • Dagon the Gatekeeper: Here, you lost this... It won't work for anyone else, so take better care of such a valuable thing. Better yet, just sign it now! It's perfectly safe.
  • Player receives Pact with Dagon.

After Dagon Bye[edit | edit source]

Before giving hellfire katars[edit | edit source]

  • Dagon the Gatekeeper: Now that you have released me, I am free to pursue my revenge. However, I find myself in need of a new weapon - the blades of my katars have dulled. If you would bring me a pair of newly restored hellfire katars, I have one more gift for you. My rage has built up such that I am no longer in need of it.
  • (If you don't have hellfire katars:)
    • Player: I'll see if I can scare up a pair of hellfire katars for you.
  • (If you have one restored hellfire katar:)
    • Player: Ooh, I have one of those!
    • Dagon the Gatekeeper: I am in need of two.
  • (If you have two restored hellfire katars:)
    • Player: I have a pair of hellfire katars right here, as it goes...
    • Give two hellfire katars to Dagon?
      • Yes.
        • Dagon the Gatekeeper: Be warned: Razulei was known for crafting items of power, but also items that inflicted pain on their user.
        • Player: Wait, are these knuckle dusters cursed?
        • Dagon the Gatekeeper: Not cursed. Their effect is more subtle than that, and perhaps more insidious. Rage is addictive, and can become a crutch. Just be careful when using them to not lose yourself.
        • Player: You are not at all how I expected you to be when we first met.
      • No.
        • (Dialogue ends)

After giving hellfire katars[edit | edit source]

  • Player: Why are you still here, Dagon?
  • Dagon the Gatekeeper: I am preparing.
  • Player: Yeah. It's interesting to me that 'preparing' looks a great bit like sitting on your as-
  • Dagon the Gatekeeper: Dare not finish that thought. I shall leave when I am ready to do so, and not a moment before.