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This transcript involves dialogue with Daffyd and the player.

Before catching all implings[edit | edit source]

Talking to Daffyd in Priffdinas before completing the impling checklist.

  • Daffyd: How goes the impling catching? Good? Good! I can't wait. Yay, implings!
  • Player: Hi, Daffyd. I'm making progress.
  • Daffyd: Any questions for Daffyd?
  • Select an option
    • What do you do here?
      • Daffyd: Yeah, so - I'm a student of Lord Amlodd's. He's teaching me all about divination and summoning. I've got huge interest in familiars and pets and magical stuff, so Amlodd is the place for me, yeah! My mum thought it would be good for me to get a hobby - so I did!
    • Why do you want implings?
      • Daffyd: I don't know, they're just really cool. Flying around all day, not a care in the world. And I like how they steal stuff that people want, so people want to catch them. I want to catch one of each! Not for anything sinister - they'll like it here. I want to look after them. They'll make great pets! Oh! And to study! Lord Amlodd wants me to study them, especially the new crystal type that's only been showing up since Prifddinas regrew!
    • None right now, thanks.
      • (Dialogue ends)

Standard dialogue[edit | edit source]

Talking to Daffyd in Priffdinas after completing the impling checklist.

  • Daffyd: Hey! Hope the impling hunting is going well. How can I help?
  • Choose an option
    • [Ask general questions.]
      • What do you do here?
        • (Same as above)
      • Why do you want implings?
        • (Same as above)
      • [Ask about rewards.]
        • (Shows initial options)
      • None right now, thanks.
        • (Dialogue ends)
    • Would you toggle my impling reward?
      • Which would you prefer from catching implings?
        • Triple experience.
          • Daffyd: Okay! From now on, all implings you catch - be it barehanded or in jars, in or out of Puro-Puro - will net you, ha ha, triple the usual experience! TRIPLE!
        • Double loot.
          • Daffyd: Okay! From now on, all implings you catch barehanded will earn you double the normal loot! It won't work for opening jars, though, as you might not have caught those yourself.
    • If the player has collected each piece of the Thinker outfit at least once and isn't carrying any pieces equipped or in their inventory. Only the missing pieces, with related dialogue, will be given:
      • I've lost my 'thinker' outfit.
        • Daffyd: Here are some Prifddinian thinker's robes.
          • Player receives Thinker robes.
        • Daffyd: Here's some Prifddinian thinker's trousers.
          • Player receives Thinker trousers.
      • If the player has the Thinker outfit in their player-owned house costume room:
        • Daffyd: You already have the Prifddinian thinker's outfit in your costume room!
    • Nothing, thanks.
      • (Dialogue ends)

Daffyd talks to his implings[edit | edit source]

Daffyd will occasionally talk to the various implings the player captures while and after completing the impling checklist. These messages will appear in the chatbox in a seemingly random order. The names of the implings are Andy, Damo, Hingy, Ian, Jamie, Joey, Johnny, Junior, Matty, Neil, Stace, Steve-o, Stewie, Trouble, Xander, Yanny and Zolty. All dialogue with [impling] can refer to any of the implings by their name.

  • [Daffyd]: Hey there, [impling]!
  • [Daffyd]: Naughty impling, [impling]!
  • [Daffyd]: [impling], you'll break it!
  • [Daffyd]: No, [impling], that's not yours!
  • [Daffyd]: You don't know where that's been, [impling]!
  • [Daffyd]: You're in big trouble, [impling]!
  • [Daffyd]: Come here, [impling]!
  • [Daffyd]: [impling] the impling, stop being naughty!
  • [Daffyd]: Who's a good impling, [impling]?
  • [Daffyd]: No, [impling], no no no!
  • [Daffyd]: [impling], you're my favourite!
  • [Daffyd]: Aw, [impling], you're so cute!
  • [Daffyd]: Haha, you're a cheeky one, [impling]!
  • [Daffyd]: [impling], don't eat that!
  • [Daffyd]: [impling]'s growing up so fast!
  • [Daffyd]: No, [impling], YOU'RE my favourite!