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Reason: There might be different dialogue if you haven't worked at the banana plantation for a while, or if you haven't completed Pirate's Treasure, and without the karamja gloves might be different.
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Talking to Customs officer[edit | edit source]

  • Customs officer: Can I help you?
    • Can I journey on this ship?
      • Player: Can I journey on this ship?
        • If you have completed Pirate's Treasure and worked on the plantation for a while
          • Customs officer: Hey, I know you, you work at the plantation. I don't think you'll try smuggling anything, you just need to pay a boarding charge of 30 coins.
            • Ok.
              • Player: Ok.
                • If you have earned the Karamja gloves
                  • Customs officer: Hang on a sec, didn't you earn Karamja gloves? I thought I'd seen you helping around the island. You can go on half price, mate.
              • You journey to Port Sarim
              • The ship arrives at Port Sarim.
            • Oh, I'll not bother then.
              • Player: Oh, I'll not bother then.
              • (dialogue terminates)
    • Does Karamja have unusual customs then?
      • Player: Does Karamja have unusual customs then?
      • Customs officer: I'm not that sort of customs officer.
      • (dialogue terminates)

Pay fare[edit | edit source]

If you have completed the Karamja easy tasks

  • The officer smiles as she recognises you as having earned Karamja gloves and so lets you pass for half price - 15 coins.


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