Dialogue for Curator Haig Halen

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When talked to[edit | edit source]

  • Curator Haig Halen: Welcome to Varrock Museum!
  • Select An Option
    • Have you any interesting news?
      • Player: Have you any interesting news?
      • Curator Haig Halen: Yes, we found a rather interesting island to the north of Morytania. We believe that it may be of archaeological significance.
      • Player: Oh? That sounds interesting.
      • Curator Haig Halen: Indeed. I suspect we'll be looking for qualified archaeologists once we have built the transport we need to get there.
      • Player: Would I qualify then?
      • Curator Haig Halen: You've certainly done a lot to help out Varrock Museum, so we'd be silly not to ask for your expertise.
      • Player: Thank you. I'll look forward to it!
      • (Dialogue ends)
    • Do you know where I could find any treasure?
      • Player: Do you know where I could find any treasure?
      • Curator Haig Halen: Look around you! This museum is full of treasures!
      • Player: No, I meant treasures for ME.
      • Curator Haig Halen: Any treasures this museum knows about it goes to great lengths to acquire.
      • (Dialogue ends)
    • Talk about the master quest cape.
      • Player: I notice that you have acquired a new cape.
      • Curator Haig Halen: Oh this? The design was donated to the museum as a symbol of the spirit of adventure and the pursuit of knowledge. Would you like to purchase one?
      • If the player does not meet the requirements:
        • Curator Haig Halen: On second thought, you're yet to see many things. Guess I'll hold on to it for now.
        • (Dialogue ends)
      • If the player meets the requirements:
        • (Transcript missing. edit)