Transcript of Cultist's diary page 4

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Sy'ris is such a joker. I feel that this place is as much a punishment for him as it is for me. We make for an unlikely pairing. Me, a Kinshra wash-out, and him the lowest ranked lesser demon you'd ever find. Before my assignment, I'd heard all kinds of things about demons - never met one before now - but it turns out most of it isn't true. At least not in Sy'ris's case...maybe that's why he was assigned here too? Not demonic enough or something.

Don't get me wrong, though, he can be super annoying at times, he's just not murderous and cruel, and the only 'torture' he enjoys is his singing! That and the practical jokes. The number of times I've sat down for a meal only to find 'things' in my food that shouldn't be there has led me to develop mild anxiety around mealtimes. Still, I suppose I give as good as I get - he takes it in good jest, too, and, well, only he has to deal directly with Dagon and the Malebranche, so for as long as that continues, I can put up with his pranks.

The east candle chant is: 'Et Daemonium Renascitur'

-'Sir' Francis Dashwood