Transcript of Cultist's diary page 3

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I'm not going down there ever again - that place creeps me out. I'll go no further than the circle; Sy'ris can take things from there. There is still sometimes activity at the Source, but it grows further apart and lessened over time...yet Dagon is still there as per his contract, and his blasted 'council' make my flesh crawl.

Sy'ris and I are all that remains of the Order of Dis, and we are nothing but tokens, figureheads to keep up appearances. But everyone knows the order is done, its purpose served centuries ago. Everyone still remembers the Duchess, founder of the Lodge, but who will ever remember little ol' Frankie Dashwood of Draynor? Not even my parents, that's who.

I'll keep these chants written in different places, just in case someone steals my diaries. A foolproof security measure! The north candle chant is: 'Ceterum Aperuerit Ianuam'

-'Sir' Francis Dashwood