Transcript of Cultist's diary page 2

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The main building should be condemned, it's not safe up there anymore. I've moved into the Lodge's cellar permanently. In centuries past, it was set aside for important guests and private gambling tables - the high rollers. Finding sacrifices wasn't the only function of the Lodge, we had to generate income too in order to pay for the work of contacts, agents, mercenaries and bounty hunters. You've got to feed the cultists too - oh, they'll sign up if they have enough zealotry or fervour, but if you don't keep their stomachs full, they'll damn well complain about it.

I've turned one of the storage areas into a bedroom of sorts - it's cramped but cosy enough. Luckily, there was a separate bar downstairs along with a small kitchen and pantry, so I've got that covered too. I even set up a small dining area using one of the old poker tables.

Sy'ris is also randomly extinguishing the ritual candles just to annoy me! I've left a store of candles in the chamber, but I'll never remember all these silly Zarosian chants so I'll note them down. The west candle chant is: 'Ordo Animam Capit'

-'Sir' Francis Dashwood