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This place is a dump! Oh, they all say it's an honour to be assigned here, to maintain this dilapidated Lodge, but it's plain to me my assignment here is nothing more than a punishment. We've all heard the legends, of how this place was founded, the significance it played in Lord Zamorak's return, but it's not like there's need for it anymore.

Zamorak and his demons work in the open now. There are other routes to the Source, and an abundance of 'volunteers' to accept its gifts. What need now of this Lodge front to lure in unsuspecting sacrifices? This place is more just a rundown museum now than anything, and me naught but a curator. Even my knighthood is an honorific - I certainly didn't earn it, and I most definitely don't deserve this 'honour'. Oh, and Sy'ris keeps scuffing up the magic circle every time he traipses through, so I've drawn a sketch of it so I don't forget how it's supposed to look, and left some chalk in the portal chamber so I can keep it touched up.

-'Sir' Francis Dashwood