Transcript of Crumpled letter

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Letter to Gabe[edit | edit source]

Don't worry about your animals.

I'm taking really good care of them.

I'll let them come back after you win the Winter Chill Off.

If you can't win, there's no hard feelings.

You can always come over for dinner instead.

It'll be my treat.


Letter to Eva[edit | edit source]

Herblore > Runecrafting.


Letter to Morn[edit | edit source]

Dear Morn,

You are so handsome.

Love Morn

Letter to Peter[edit | edit source]

Sorry you performed so poorly in the Summer Skill Off.

It'd be a real shame for your career if word got out.

There sure is a lot of evidence.

If you happened to win the Winter Chill Off it's possible that no one would need to know.


PS: If you come last again maybe I'll just kill you.

PPS: Haha, just kidding.

PPPS: Probably.

Letter to Joey[edit | edit source]

Your fashionscape is sub par.


Letter to Gunther[edit | edit source]

Look at your hands. Look at my finger. Now you are cursed. You're a Wolpertinger.