Transcript of Crocodile Tears journal entry

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  • I headed to the mastaba, south of Uzer, where I spoke with Senliten, an ancient ruler of the desert. She told me tales of her youth, and shared her concerns for the desert. She asked me to help stop the revered crocodiles from attacking people: for what reason, I do not know.
  • I spoke to Senliten and Leela about Crondis.
  • Senliten indicated that there's some connection between crocodiles and a goddess called Crondis.
  • I headed to Sophanem and spoke with Jex and the Sphinx who were able to tell me much about the goddess, through this I began to understand the importance of crocodiles.
  • The goddess Crondis began life as a crocodile, and holds them firmly in her heart. Senliten believes that Crondis should be able to put a stop to their growing aggression. I need to track down and appeal to Crondis.
  • Senliten informed me of a relic that locates sources of water in the desert, which might help me to locate Crondis.
  • I retrieved Senliten's dowsing rod relic from the model barque on display in her mastaba.
  • I used Senliten's dowsing rod to locate a number of oases in the desert, but none of them led me to Crondis.
  • After taking the dowsing rod back to Senliten, she suggested I take it to the elementals at the source of the River Elid. They should be able to charge the rod specifically to lead me to Crondis.
  • The elementals of the River Elid charged the dowsing rod relic to point towards Crondis.
  • using the charged dowsing rod led me to a ferryman on the River Elid, named Kags, who took us out to a sunken pyramid at the mouth of the River Elid, inside of which I found Crondis, along with much more than I bargained for.
  • After fulfilling ever more ridiculous requests from Crondis, I staged a one- person intervention. I told her 'Nor. She did NOT like that. As a result, she evacuated the source of her corruption - some sort of corrupted crocodile creature of Amascut.
  • The Ukunduka crocodile creature spat up by Crondis has been defeated! With that done, Crondis has started to return to her more modest self.
  • (Though, the occasional croc ice won't hurt, right? Everything in moderation, and all...)
  • When I arrived at Senli ten's mastaba, Osman was there again arguing with Leela.
  • He seems to think that our efforts are meaningless, and hinted that the plan he is working on has greater merit.
  • I informed Senliten and Leela that Crondis is no longer corrupted, and that the crocodiles in the desert should return to their more modest ways.