Transcript of Creating a Clan

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Automatic transcription[edit | edit source]

[00:05] [Music]
[00:07] hi I'm rod Nexus and this is my Paul M
[00:10] hello clown creation is so easy any
[00:12] idiot can do it that's why we're going
[00:14] to create Clan for you against the clock
[00:15] or we're going to face the evil
[00:16] consequences that's fine that's fine so
[00:23] Paul what are we gonna start with okay
[00:25] so here we are arriving at the Klan camp
[00:28] this is where you create your plan and
[00:30] if we wander over here to this chap Amos
[00:32] he'll give us a clam chowder okay they
[00:36] needed these five people to create a
[00:38] clam so use the chance at least Ward
[00:40] your friends now we just go chat Amos
[00:46] again he's going to register us and ask
[00:47] us to name our client say we need a name
[00:49] [Music]
[00:52] yeah perfect now we've named our plan
[00:57] Amos give us of exilim what's of exilim
[01:00] I hear you ask what's of X alone it's a
[01:04] big black okay cool
[01:06] here it is in the inventory if I click
[01:09] on it I can set all my client info a
[01:11] load of useful stuff and our clan motto
[01:17] [Music]
[01:23] that's genius now we just need some
[01:28] keywords to show what we're about okay
[01:33] and let's pick a couple of logos that
[01:36] best represent our plan or monkey your
[01:39] monkey done and the slave these colors
[01:45] are pretty cool but you can change the
[01:47] colors using this cool color palette is
[01:48] my lovely assistant is now demonstrating
[01:51] and now the finished logo will then
[01:54] appear on the vex Ilham flag flag and
[01:57] your own private fan forums your
[02:00] personal fan page and clan capes
[02:03] whoo-wee speak to the captain over here
[02:06] he'll give them away okay so now we've
[02:09] got our vex little rocking going we now
[02:11] need to grow our clan a bit so let's
[02:12] plant the back to them or flag somewhere
[02:15] like here there you go and anyone that
[02:19] picks on it will be able to find out
[02:20] about stuff like how many people in your
[02:22] clan what you're about any events you've
[02:24] got planned and your general level of
[02:26] tonnage okay so that's our rocking clan
[02:29] setup oh there's more stuff over here
[02:31] the clan noticeboard 10 where you can
[02:33] have your meetings and rated plan Wars
[02:36] but we're out of time yep unfortunately
[02:39] Stoke but you can find out more details
[02:40] if you want set up your own clan by
[02:42] going to runescape comm so I think we've
[02:44] managed to narrowly avoid the
[02:45] consequences of so we should go
[02:52] oh nice one catch later thank you bye
[02:55] [Music]