Transcript of Crassian Allegiance

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The monsters[edit | edit source]

I have seen these creatures before. Felt their clammy claws around my neck and I know what it is like for them to drag you beneath the waters. Vile, wrong, things. Monsters in every sense of the word. They haunted my nightmares for weeks after my abduction.

But now, now they wait for my commands. They hang on my words like faithful dogs eager to serve their master.

Further proof that the universe has a twisted sense of humour.

Masuta won't tell me where they come from. Every time I ask he simply smiles and says a 'gift from our patron' as though that's enough of an answer. It's not.

I have never seen this 'patron' and to my knowledge few of the other council members have done so either. I wonder what they're hiding.

The flood[edit | edit source]

More of them.

More of them flood into the temple every day. An endless sea of slime-covered nightmares. Whoever this mysterious patron is, they have an army. An army of monsters and they can just give it away. Let that sink in a bit.

What I learned of these beasts before is that they are created by the forced transformation of people. But that can't be what's happening here. There are so many of the beasts just flooding in that if they were the result of some sort of twisted conversion, we'd be hearing of the disappearances and there would action taken outside of the temple.

Instead, silence.

So what exactly are these things and where are they coming from? Do they need human victims to create them, or are these the result of something else? If so what?

Masuta won't tell me, if he even knows.

The guardian[edit | edit source]

There is a new one today. We installed it as the guardian of the sanctum. That's what we do now. These monsters guard the most sacred parts of the temple from outsiders and our own curious acolytes.

I noticed a decrease in the smaller ones when this one was installed. Does it eat them? Or worse, is it some sort of living amalgamation of them?

The emissary[edit | edit source]

I followed Masuta.

I know I shouldn't, it was risky, but the curiosity got the better of me. I wanted to know who this patron was and I knew he was meeting with them.

I did not expect him to go...there...but it seems so obvious now.

All of this comes full circle, I am brought back to that place. With all the horrid memories that come with it. I see the broken hulls, covered in barnacles, coral and crawling vermin of the sea. Buried in the sand I see the picked clean bones of long lost crewmates and companions.

And there it is.

That room. That horrible room. With that terrible thing in its centre. That wound in the world that festers even though it is sealed.

It all comes back to there.

I hid in the place where I was imprisoned before. Where a madman tried to force awful lies into my head. Where he tried to make me betray who I am. I had fought him so hard then, so hard and yet now I realise that I have done it all, and worse, freely and of my own volition.

I'm sorry Player, you should never have rescued me.

Now that you read this, because I know you will, I can only give you a name as recomponse for the crimes I have helped to build.

The lord of these monsters, the puppet master pulling the strings, is something old and evil. It calls itself Kranon and it claims to be an emissary to something.

No, not emissary, that's not the word it used.

It calls itself, an ambassador.