Dialogue for Count Check

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When talked to[edit | edit source]

Normally[edit | edit source]

  • Who are you?
    • Count Check: Hello, Player, you look like you've seen a ghost.
    • Player: Well, not a ghost, but...you're a vampyre, aren't you? Shouldn't you be in Morytania?
    • Count Check: Ah, yes, I miss that place, so lovely and dark. I left there when I heard the terrible news and now I choose to spend the rest of my days warning others of the perils that lay in wait for them.
    • Player: Terrible news? Peril? I don't like the sound of this. Is there something I should know?
    • Count Check: Yes! Be warned! The travellers of these lands face danger from outside, their accounts that allow them access to this magical place can be stolen, and when that happens they could lose everything they have worked so hard for. I've left my vampyre ways behind me and now spend my days letting everyone know of this terrible danger. In return for my dedication, I have been blessed with a unique ability to be able to check if adventurers who speak with me are ready to defend themselves against these account thieves.
    • Player: Can you check if my account is secure?
    • (Continues with dialogue below, and resumes here after closing the Account Checker interface.)
    • Player: Okay, got it! is[sic] there an easy way to remember all these account security things?
    • Count Check: Yes, there is...by counting! I am a count who likes to count and check accounts. You can ask me to check your account at any time you like. If you want to remember my top tips for account security, just ask me to count for you. The Count loves to count.
    • (Dialogue terminates.)
  • Check my account.
  • (Only during a Customer Support Week:)
  • (Only during a Customer Support Week or an Account Security Week:)

With the CS Week clue scroll[edit | edit source]

  • Count Check: Aha! You've solved a clue!
  • You're handed a [clue scroll/pair of caskets].
  • (Continues with normal dialogue.)

When entering The Drop[edit | edit source]

  • (If The Drop is currently active:)
    • Count Check: Let's begin The Drop!
      • (If there isn't space in the player's inventory:)
        • Count Check: Sorry, you don't have enough inventory space to claim the reward if you win.
      • (If there is space in the player's inventory:)
        • (If the player has a follower out or a Summoning pouch in inventory:)
          • Count Check: Sorry, no pets, followers or summoning pouches allowed in The Drop!
        • The player is teleported into The Drop.
  • (If The Drop is not currently active:)
    • Count Check: Sorry you can't join The Drop at this time. The next session should start in [number] minutes.

When checking account[edit | edit source]

  • Count Check: Okay, let me check your account security...but before I do, there are some things that even I can not see. Firstly, you must have a unique password for your account and not share it with anyone else, and secondly, make sure you have validated recovery email set up with 2-step verification. I'll leave it with you to make sure both of those things are in place.
  • Count Check: Now, let me take a look at some of your other security settings for you.
  • The Account Checker interface is displayed.

When requesting clue scroll[edit | edit source]

  • (If the player has not claimed a Clue Scroll that day:)
    • Count Check: Ah, yes, you'd like a reward. I could give you some puzzles with a reward at the end? The stronger your account security, the better the reward!
    • Count Check: You can ask me to check your account security at any time, and if you need a reminder of my top account security tips, ask me to count for you. The Count loves to count! Good luck!
  • (If a clue scroll or a casket is in inventory:)
    • Count Check: Ahh, you've already got a clue or a casket! I can't give you another until you've finished your current one.
  • (If you have already completed all the current clues:)
    • (If there are still clues to complete in the following days:)
      • Count Check: Sorry, I don't have another clue for you at the moment. Come back tomorrow.
    • (If the player has completed all the clues:)
      • Count Check: Ahh, I've given you all the clues I had. Hope you got something good out of them!