Transcript of Contact! journal entry

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  • I can start this quest by speaking to the High Priest of Icthlarin who lives in Sophanem.
  • I need to speak with the High Priest of Icthlarin about reopening the city.
  • The residents of Sophanem must return home but the gates of Menaphos are closed to them. There's no reasonable way to negotiate for their being allowed to return home. Maybe I should ask someone for help.
  • The high priest told me about the Sect of Scabaras, a cult dedicated to one of the lesser Menaphite deities Legend has it that they tried to burrow under the River Elid.
  • The high priest mentioned that one shrine dedicated to Scabaras still remains in Sophanem. It's located in the Temple of the Lesser Gods. Jex, a priest in the town, knows all about this building. I should seek him out and talk to him about the temple.
  • Now that I know the trick of how to open the trapdoor, I should fully investigate the temple's basement.
  • After climbing down the ladder in the temple's basement, I entered a dungeon laced with traps and hostile scarab creatures. Under this again, I entered a huge cave system divided by a large chasm. On my side of the chasm, I found a letter on a recently deceased man that was addressed to someone called Kaleef and written by the chief Spy Master in Al Kharid.
  • A parchment I found mentions a contact inside Menaphos who can be reached through the tunnels under the Temple of the Lesser Gods. Time to investigate the tunnels further.I[sic] found Maisa, another one of Osman's spies, on the other side of the chasm. She was awaiting orders from an agent named Kaleef. As I found a letter addressed to Kaleef on a dead body nearby, it is clear to me that Kaleef is dead. Maisa was distraught when she received the news. She cursed Osman and made it very clear that she wants to return home. I proved to her that I know Osman by answering her questions correctly.
  • Maisa has agreed to tell the exiled residents of Sophanem to return if I bring Osman to her.
  • I met Osman in Al Kharid and convinced him to follow me to Sophanem.
  • Osman has one or two things to care of first, but he has agreed to meet me outside the gates of Sophanem.
  • After a long and dusty journey, I met up once more with him. He was having trouble getting into the town. I told him of a secret entrance which the Devourer had me use when I first came to Sophanem. After a little debate, Osman convinced me that it would be foolish for the two of us to risk our necks to meet up with Maisa. I agreed to wait for two hours and, once that time was up, I would come and look for him.
  • Still no sign of Osman; his two hours are up. I should go and look for him under the Temple of the Lesser Gods.
  • I worked my way through the maze again and back to the large cave with the chasm. I overheard the end of Osman's conversation with Maisa and the cave started to shake. The floor cracked and three large scarab swarms emerged from the cave floor. They frenzied and merged into one powerful giant scarab.
  • Osman tried to attack it but was rebuffed by a powerful blow. He was thrown to the ground but suddenly disappeared.
  • I'd better sort that big bug out and then look for Osman.
  • After an epic battle that taxed me to the point of collapse, I defeated the giant scarab. It split up into three swarms and disappeared. Osman was using his stealth skills to stay hidden during the battle and then reappeared He was injured, but not too badly. Having had enough of Sophanem to last him more than a life time, he quickly teleported back to Al Kharid.
  • I should return to Sophanem and see if Maisa kept her word. When I emerged from the temple I found the place hugely changed. Gone, the deserted food stalls and empty streets, replaced with a healthy city filled with life, colour and commerce.