Dialogue for Concerned mother

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  • Mother: Hello. What can I do for you?
  • Player: What are you and your daughter talking about?
  • Mother: I've found a good way to keep her in line! When she's bad, I threaten to send her to Lumbridge!
    • Player: What's happening in Lumbridge?
      • Mother: You don't know? They say a portal to another dimension opened and not only did Saradomin himself return, but so did Zamorak!
      • Mother: They've been locked in mortal combat ever since. I'm terrified that they might come over here.
      • Mother: People have been flocking to join their armies and fight in the battle. If you have any sense, though, you'll stay away from it.
      • Mother: I'm just relieved that we're so far away from it here. I hope nothing happens to us!
        • Player: Where is the battlefield?
          • Mother: It's supposed to be near the castle in Lumbridge. There's camps supporting both Zamorak and Saradomin around a battlefield there.
          • Mother: It's sad to hear of so many going in to join the fight. I want a peaceful world where I can raise my daughter.
        • Player: Why are people joining?
          • Mother: I've heard that both Zamorak and Saradomin want people to help them collect power - something called 'divine tears'.
          • Mother: They're concentrated on the battlefield, but you can find them anywhere if you're lucky.
          • Mother: It's not just warriors they are looking for, but also skilled individuals to aid in their war effort.
          • Mother: Both camps are offering rewards for the help they are given.
          • Mother: I hope you stay far away though. No good can come from fooling around with the gods.
        • Player: Thanks for the info!
          • Mother: I must get on with my shopping.
    • Player: Isn't that cruel?
      • Mother: I wouldn't really do it! Not with all the fighting around Lumbridge at the moment!
      • Mother: What sort of mother do you take me for?
      • Mother: I'd keep away from there too if you know what's good for you. Messing with the gods' business is dangerous.
    • Player: Oh, I see.
      • Mother: I must get on with my shopping.