Transcript of Community Video: Skilling Skits 1

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Automatic transcription[edit | edit source]

[00:35] arras old hi I'm getting 99 magic come
[00:39] to you Neil how portal now
[00:59] over what you do with like training
[01:03] attack don't go away maybe I should go
[01:06] do that do you go train attack oh oh I
[01:12] get it attack haha
[01:22] hey Vince you call that mining oh hey
[01:26] dart dude stand back this is how you
[01:33] mind this is how you get all from a rock
[01:35] I don't even need a pick axe are you
[01:38] okay dude I'm fine Thank You Susan who's
[01:50] there I've got what you asked for me
[01:52] what I'll give it to you if you up you
[01:55] door who are you just let me in ah demon
[02:01] but you said you wanted play
[02:16] ah