Dialogue for Commander Yodri

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  • Commander Yodri: Hello there. Have you seen some goblins around here?
  • Player: Why? Who are you?
  • Commander Yodri: Yodri, Commander with the Black Guard.
  • Commander Yodri: My men and I are chasing some goblin raiders. Apparently they have been seen in this area.

(The following dialogue replaces the above when you talk to Commander Yodri for the second time)

  • Commander Yodri: Hello again. Have you seen any of those goblin raiders?

1. I've killed some goblin raiders. Can I have a reward?

(Commander Yodri hands you some items)

  • Commander Yodri: I think that's everything. Thanks for all the hard work! Can I help you with anything else?

2. Who are these raiders?

  • Commander Yodri: We've had reports that goblins from the village near Taverley have been launching raids.
  • Commander Yodri: They haven't hit anywhere too populated yet. Just farms, some copper and iron mines, that kind of thing.
  • Commander Yodri: The problem is they are damaging trade with humans, and the Consortium doesn't like that.
  • Commander Yodri: So they dispatched me and my mean to deal with the issue.
  • Player: Just three of you?
  • Commander Yodri: Three is more than enough for this rabble! The problem is they run before we can get stuck in.
  • Commander Yodri: One day, we'll catch up with them. Then, we can take them down.
  • Commander Yodri: Of course, if you can help out, we'd appreciate it.

3. Is there some sort of reward?

  • Commander Yodri: A reward? Well there is a standing bounty of goblin raiders, so I suppose I could pay you something.
  • Commander Yodri: How about this? For every goblin you kill, I'll give you some basic items from the Black Guard's stores.
  • Commander Yodri: If you kill a goblin who's stealing wood, I'll give you some logs. If they are after minerals I will give you some ores.
  • Commander Yodri: If they are pillaging a farm, you can have whatever seeds I can scrape together.
  • Commander Yodri: I'll even let you keep everything he's got on him when he dies as well. You can't say fairer than that.
  • Player: Thanks! It's a deal.
  • Commander Yodri: I've also heard that the leader is carrying some unique items. If you kill him, maybe you can steal from them as well.

4. Good luck!

  • Commander Yodri: Stay safe, human. These raiders could be anywhere.