Dialogue for Commander Akhomet (Imperial)

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    • How did you become the leader of the Menaphite Guard?
      • Commander Akhomet (Imperial): My father was a blacksmith and my mother was a general in the Pharaoh's army. I admired my mother greatly, although she was by no means an easy woman to love. She lived in a time where uprisings were common and public opinion was almost impossible to quell. It seemed almost reflexive for me to follow in her footsteps, and she made sure I was never even slightly pandered to.
      • Commander Akhomet (Imperial): I think if left down to my mother, I would be as harsh and commanding as her, but my father taught me compassion and empathy. Soft skills are essential in this line of work, and I believe they are what gave me the edge.
      • Commander Akhomet (Imperial): I will always get the job done, but never at the expense of my peers.
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    • What do you do around here?
      • Commander Akhomet (Imperial): Me and my men keep the peace. There is so much that the citizens have to be annoyed about, but that annoyance festers into anger, and anger is misplaced easily. We make sure that public opinion is kept in line in any way we can, lest they find themselves misplaced.
      • Commander Akhomet (Imperial): Whether that be through taking the law into our own hands or ensuring the safety of our monarch, it's the very least we can do for the men and women of Menaphos.
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    • (With the relic of Tumeken in backpack:)
      • I have something I'd like to hand in!
        • Commander Akhomet (Imperial): Greetings and salutations, soldier! You say you've found something I might be interested in?
        • The relic is handed in for 15,000 Imperial District reputation.
        • Commander Akhomet (Imperial): Very good. We have been rounding up false idols such as those for incineration, by order of the Pharaoh.
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