Transcript of Commander's log page 6

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Our defences have been tested numerous times by the war party, but the shield still holds for now. The pylons are running low, however, and a breach is inevitable at this point. There is little hope of reinforcements and it would be foolish to hang our survival on such. The declining food stores will also soon see us too weak to fight, so my officers and I have devised a plan.

We shall purposefully drop the shield and weaken one part of our outer wall, thus funnelling our less-than-genius besiegers into an ambush right at the heart of our barracks area, away from more sensitive parts of the fort, and right into the waiting swords and spears of my legionaries.

We'll periodically turn the shields back on, such that we can stall the enemy assaults to a trickle, then lower it again once each wave has been defeated. Only this way might we expect to rout them, though my officers still predict heavy losses, and there is a danger of stragglers spilling out into other parts of the fort.

Pater Lucius tells me he has a backup plan in the works and will inform me once it is ready.

-Prefect Livia Drusilla, Fort Commander, Kharid-et