Transcript of Commander's log page 4

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I have ordered the fort's exploratores and speculatores out in all directions. The former shall call back cohorts on active deployment and scavenge whatever resources and allies they can find. The latter will track any enemy troop movements and do what they can to harass them.

Praetor Trindine insisted I send out one of her guard - a man named Titus - with a squad of speculatores headed north, that being the most likely direction attack would come from. The Menaphites to the south have been beaten back so hard, our intelligence suggests them incapable of launching any counter-assaults for decades. No, it is more likely Zaros's other enemies will encroach from the borders of the empire and try to cut off the more isolated positions such as Kharid-et. If any of them know anything of what is housed here, I expect we will be one of their primary targets.

-Prefect Livia Drusilla, Fort Commander, Kharid-et