Dialogue for Colonel Grenda

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  • Colonel Grenda: Come on, you sons of trolls! D'you want to live forever?

1. What's happening here?

  • Player: What's happening here?
  • Colonel Grenda: We're holding the line, human! The chaos dwarves won't get into our mines again!

2. Tell me about the hand cannoneers.

  • Player: Tell me about the hand cannoneers.
  • Colonel Grenda: They've got some new Red Axe weapon! They're like miniature cannons. You might get your hands on one if you join the fight.
  • Colonel Grenda: I don't trust them. You've got to use Firemaking to keep them stable, and you can never be sure they won't explode in your face. That's not how a Black Guard soldier ought to go.

3. Tell me about the chaos dwogres.

  • Player: Tell me about the chaos dwogres.
  • Colonel Grenda: Another product of the Red Axe's experiments!
  • Colonel Grenda: Dwarves can't use magic, but ogres can. Looks like the Red Axe have added some ogre to the mix to let them cast spells!
  • Colonel Grenda: They're toough, but they go down eventually.

4. Goodbye.

  • Player: Goodbye.
  • Colonel Grenda: You're a little tall, soldier, but we could use a man like you! Get down there and kick some chaos dwarf ass! For Keldagrim!