Dialogue for Cockatrice head (mounted)

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Conversations[edit | edit source]

Player Owned Head[edit | edit source]

  • Cockatrice: You deaded me!
  • Player: Well, yes.
  • Cockatrice: What did you do that for?
    • Player: A Slayer Master told me to.
      • Cockatrice: Why do the Slayer Masters all pick on poor cockatrice?
      • Player: They pick on lots of other creatures too.
      • Cockatrice: Then mount one of them on your wall and let poor cockatrice rest in peace!
    • Player: So I could mount your head on my wall.
      • Cockatrice: Another cockatrice falls victim to the dreaded mirror shield!
      • Player: Don't take it personally. You look good on my wall.
      • Cockatrice: I don't care! I think I looked better with a body!
    • Player: I just wanted to.
      • Cockatrice: You dirty rotten swine, you!
      • Player: Steady on.
      • Cockatrice: I will kill you with my paralyzing-type magic eyes look!
      • Cockatrice: Dots appear in air between eyes and victim. Dot! Dot! Dotty!
      • Player: Er, nothing's happening...
      • Cockatrice: Concentrates mental power. Eyes narrow beak clenches veins on head stand out.
      • Cockatrice: Strain!
      • Player: You're dead, cockatrice. Your eyes are glass beads. It won't work.
      • Cockatrice: STRA-A-AIN!
      • Player: think I'll leave it to you.

Guest conversation[edit | edit source]

  • Player: Hey, a cockatrice!
  • Cockatrice: House owner deaded me! That wasn't very nice!