Transcript of Clan avatars for avatar wardens

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Buff Slots[edit | edit source]

Each citadel tier will unlock a new buff for your avatar. These buff slots can be permanently filled with a choice of buffs by anyone with the appropriate permissions. To remove these buffs, the habitat must be removed and rebuilt - so, make your choice wisely.

Summoning your Avatar[edit | edit source]

Summoning an avatar is a simple matter of having the Avatar Warden job and interacting with the avatars while they are in their habitat. You will be given a choice of buffs for the buff slots that you set earlier, or you can summon with no buff active, should you simply want the avatar as a companion. While summoned, the avatar does not drain your summoning points and has an expiry time of 24 hours, or until dismissed, whichever is sooner. During this time, you may log in and out as you wish. If you log in to a world, the avatar will appear after a short while, unless you are in a familiar-restricted area (these areas are the same for normal summoning familiars).

World Restrictions[edit | edit source]

When you log in to a world, your clan avatar will only join you if there are no other avatars from your clan on that world. The only exception to this rule is within your clan citadel.

Resource Collection[edit | edit source]

When your avatar is present within your citadel, it has the ability to collect resources, just as any member of your clan would. To set the resource that your avatar gathers, interact with it and select from the available options. The avatar will only gather up its resource cap, at which point you will be notified.

Visual Customisation[edit | edit source]

When avatars reside within a habitat, any admin who has the permission may change the avatar's visual appearance.

Habitat[edit | edit source]

If you have the appropriate permissions, you may choose to build the avatar habitat. This appears from beneath the town square. The larger the habitat you have, the more avatars it can hold - but the number of avatars depends on your clan citadel tier. The habitat does not degrade, but is disappears if you let your citadel dilapidate, as avatars are quite picky about their surrounding. Removing the habitat requires special permissions, available on the clan settings interface. This is due to the fact that removing a habitat resets all avatar data. To build a grand habitat, you require a tier-7 citadel.

Avatar Obedience Training[edit | edit source]

Should you find the clan avatar decides to desert you, please try the following things:

- Visit the habitat at the clan citadel, is it there?
- Try the call familiar option on the summoning button near the minimap
- Try logging into a different world

Should none of these help, please wait 6 hours and then try again, as the avatar can only be summoned for a maximum of 6 hours. If after this time you still can not retrieve your avatar, submit a bug report with details of what you were doing when it disappeared.