Transcript of Clan Wars - Old School RuneScape

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Automatic transcription[edit | edit source]

[00:11] at the beginning of the year we did a
[00:13] priority pulse a place could tell us
[00:15] what was important to them with the
[00:17] priority poll we've already released
[00:18] banked house which is the most important
[00:19] things that players voted for we've also
[00:21] released clue Scrolls and people enjoy
[00:23] and finding new items that willing to
[00:25] game with that and we've also pulled a
[00:27] training solution so players could trade
[00:28] their items much more easily
[00:29] the next major update in old school
[00:32] runescape is clan wars it came 5th on
[00:34] the priority poll that's when the
[00:35] players been asking for for a long time
[00:37] their players have been having plan
[00:39] battles in runescape ever since it began
[00:41] long before jagex got involved in your
[00:43] clan activities however clan wars gives
[00:45] people something a bit different to the
[00:46] wilderness or to the PvP worlds that we
[00:49] currently have so it will give old
[00:50] school runescape a place where clans can
[00:52] have a private battle they'll be able to
[00:54] control who's in their chat channel they
[00:56] can kick people from it they can
[00:58] restrict to enjoying it and that way
[01:01] they can customise hoody in their battle
[01:03] I've worked on versions of clan wars on
[01:05] and off since 2007 itself in the
[01:08] intervening years players have come up
[01:09] with new ideas for what they like in
[01:11] particular I'm adding an option for
[01:14] allowing prayers but not the ones that
[01:16] give you overhead icons so you'll be
[01:18] able to use the thick-skinned burst of
[01:21] strengths prayers etc but you won't be
[01:23] able to use protect from melee
[01:24] another thing that players came up with
[01:26] is the idea of a single spells option
[01:28] where spells like barrage and the chin
[01:30] Chomper attacks only work on one player
[01:32] even though you're in a multi-way area
[01:34] this iteration of clan wars is going to
[01:37] have three basic game modes the simplest
[01:39] which we had back in 2007 will be a last
[01:42] team standing battle the second mode
[01:45] will be a target kill count battle
[01:47] players will agree in advance how many
[01:49] kills are required for victory and the
[01:51] teams will fight until one team has that
[01:53] many kills
[01:53] players will be able to rejoin the fight
[01:55] in this mode the third mode will be a
[01:57] king of the hill mode an area of the
[01:59] arena will be designated as the hill it
[02:02] will move around during the battle the
[02:03] original launch of clan wars back at o7
[02:06] was basically in a wasteland with trees
[02:09] rocks and lava pits a bit like the deep
[02:12] end of the
[02:12] we're having something very similar this
[02:15] time we will also give you a forest so
[02:18] there are tall obstacles you can't shoot
[02:20] over and a quarry with short obstacles
[02:22] that you can shoot over so you get the
[02:24] different types of battle like that I'd
[02:26] also like to give you something like the
[02:27] old parrots are either with little podía
[02:30] that you can run up and shoot down from
[02:31] and also a big empty plateau where they
[02:35] land obstacles at all beyond that
[02:37] players have suggested a few new ideas
[02:39] that we didn't have back in the day and
[02:40] hopefully we will be able to have enough
[02:42] development times we use a few of these
[02:44] I've got some really exciting months
[02:46] coming up for old school runescape and
[02:47] this includes things such as voting on
[02:49] the new skill we've got bounty hunter as
[02:51] well and we've also got the new
[02:53] continent so keep your eyes open for the
[02:54] dev vlogs and the behind-the-scenes
[02:55] videos