Transcript of Clan Citadel Trailer

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Automatic transcription[edit | edit source]

[00:02] News spread of an ancient ruin being unearthed.
[00:06] Our clan travelled to see it.
[00:08] We worked
tirelessly to rebuild the artifact.
[00:12] The device started to glow...
[00:14] A brave few of our group
 stepped forward into the unknown.
[00:18] Rumours and stories
 grew about what was beyond.
[00:22] Battles in unexplored environments,
[00:25] Vast structures your eyes wouldn't believe.
[00:29] If you get close enough,
[00:30] you can almost make out images
[00:33] and hear whispers of the others.
[00:34] They were calling me.
[00:36] I stepped forward
 to find out the truth for myself...
[00:43] Build your clan citadel
[00:49] Gather resources
[00:52] Upgrade through 7 tiers
[00:56] Create custom battlefields
[00:59] Unprecedented customisation
[01:02] Unique game play
[01:04] New, epic environments
[01:08] ...and much more!
[01:11] Clan Citadels
Your Citadel Awaits...