Transcript of Chronicle: RuneScape Legends - trailer

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Automatic transcription[edit | edit source]

[00:00] Deep within the hall of legends lies a book.
[00:05] A tomb of great knowledge
[00:07] with the power to bring stories to life.
[00:11] This is going to be fun.
[00:13] Quiet, sorceress!
[00:20] Aren't you hot in that?
[00:21] Just reveal your cards.
[00:24] My cards against yours.
[00:27] Do not test me!
[00:28] Calm down, metal man.
[00:32] Let's play!
[00:35] Perfect!
[00:38] This is mine now!
[00:40] Let's test that armour, shall we?
[00:43] No!
[00:45] Just what I needed.
[00:46] Feel the Raptor's true strength!
[00:50] I've had it with your games!
[00:53] Your quest ends here.
[00:56] My armour!
[01:22] Chronicle: RuneScape Legends